Monday, January 23, 2012

Home Safe and Sound

Hello everyone!! It has been quite the journey…but we are finally home safe and sound…one day late!

We flew out of Miami yesterday morning to Chicago. We were supposed to fly from Chicago to Cedar Rapids, IA…we boarded the plane and took off. The pilot tried to land 3 times before diverting to Omaha, NE. We spent a few hours at that airport before being told we were going back to Chicago. All flights to Cedar Rapids were canceled for the rest of the day! So we got a few hours of rest in Chicago and flew out this morning…thankfully we landed in Cedar Rapids this time!! I guess by stopping in Nebraska, we added another location to our vacation. lol

And we arrived to icy roads and lots of snow. So nice of Iowa to welcome us home in such a cold hearted way. We headed home and went back to bed. We’re feeling much more refreshed now!

But we enjoyed our vacation VERY much!! I will be posting about it tomorrow!!

I hope you are all doing well!


  1. Alyssa, just checking into the blogs and I have to tell you, I'm so proud of you and inspired by you. Good, bad, ugly you just keep going. It takes a lot to stick with it and be honest. During the frustrations, the gains, you're honest with yourself, with us and you just keep going. It's commendable, says the girl who disappeared for 8 months and gained 30 lbs.

  2. Glad you made it home! You have been missed :)

  3. Hi Alissa, glad you made it home safe and sound. Looking forward to recaps and pictures!!!!!

  4. Just stumbled upon your blog today looking for weight loss blogs. Do you live in cedar rapids? I live not too far away from CR.



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