Saturday, January 28, 2012

How do you motivate yourself?

What do you do to motivate yourself to live healthy, eat right, and exercise?


  1. I do a combination of things

    1. Weigh myself
    2. Online shop for items I would *love* to wear
    3. Take lots of pictures of myself
    4. Fake it until I make it :)

  2. If I don't I'm not happy with the person I become. I'm happier when I exercise and treat my body well with good food! When I binge or stop exercising everything goes down the tubes.

    I also set out my workout clothes the night before and just get up and DO IT! No thinking required, no talking myself out of it.

  3. You know what? With you asking that flat out, I can't think of a thing! I think that once I got into Onderland, my motivation just left. My goal was to get under 200. That wasn't my final goal. But that was the first thing I was looking for. Since I have gotten there, I have continuously bounced between 193 and 197. This is something I need to think on.

  4. I have a board filled with motivational quotes to reflect on a list of my reasons why I WANT a healthier lifestyle. It may sound cheesy, but a goal poster helps too - pin to the back of your closet door. :)

    It would definitely be harder if I had no support from my family and friends, but I'm fortunate they are great cheerleaders and some have decided to start their own journey.

  5. The scale!!! Its what motivating me right now!

  6. I get in a funk from time to time when I just don't want to do it anymore. It's times like these that I look outward for inspiration. I will listen to some music, look at photos of myself when I was thinner or watch an old episode of the Biggest Loser. I also get to a meeting!

  7. i just think about something that will be going on in the future like the beach this year and i think about how i want to feel and how i want to look mostly how i want to run on the beach and have energy to do things with my lil man down there and it keep s me motivated
    basically think abou the future and what you want in the future

  8. The scale. Other motivational blogs. I know that I can do this, sometimes I just need a little push!

  9. usually how I feel when I'm doing it and after is enough motivation for me. I also am motivated by blogs because of the virtual challenge/races and others stories.

  10. I know this may sound crazy, but when I am struggling, I make lists of what I need to do so that I can mark them off.

    Workout 30 minutes
    Eat 2 probiotics
    Eat 2 fruit servings

    There is just something about marking if off that helps me mentally...and I WANT to mark off the entire list :)

  11. Browsing the comments looking for answers. Lord knows I don't have the answer!

  12. I just started trying to get fit at the beginning of january so right now I'm focusing on looking at pictures of people that I would like to look like. :) my other (more important) motivation is the way that I know I feel after exercising!


  13. by reminding myself when I cant do it for ME i have to do it for my daughter.





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