Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Post Cruise Weigh In Day

I was literally expecting a 20 lb. gain this morning. At least that’s how my body felt! I was surprised to step on the scale and see only a 5.4 lb. gain in 2 weeks time. I’m ok with that! That I can handle.

I weighed in at 213.9, which also includes gains from before I left, when all of the craziness was going on in life. I am up 12.6 lbs. from my lowest ever which, of course, is depressing, but so it goes. I have my work cut out for me and I am ready to conquer it!

I felt good on the cruise. I felt a lot more comfortable in my own skin, and that was a good feeling. I loved being able to wear cute sundresses. I loved being able to be active. And it made me realize how much I want to lose MORE weight—so I can feel even better and do even more. I didn’t even feel worn out and tired like I used to!

I also had a couple of experiences that made me feel pretty terrible. First, I bought a pair of shorts last summer that were slightly snug. I thought they would fit for the cruise, and leading up to the cruise, they did fit. But when I went to put them on one morning, I couldn’t even get them on. It was such a terrible feeling. Not only that, my pretty silver dress was definitely tighter than it was when I bought it. And that made me feel horrible. I don’t want to experience that any more!

I am FINALLY back to regular posting again! Yippee!! Life should be much more calm now. FIL is in a rehab center and making progress. So life should be a lot less chaotic and stressful.

For breakfast, I ate oatmeal with blueberries, and 1/2 cup of egg beaters along with skim milk for 7 points.

12512 001

I knew I needed to do SOMETHING for exercise this morning, but just wasn’t feeling it. So I rode the stationary bike for 20 minutes. I rode 4.9 miles and burned 132 calories.

I’ve decided to start the Jeff Galloway 10K training plan over again today since I didn’t follow the plan during vacation. So today is day 1 with cross training.

And it was back to work today. That’s 11 days off of work and I enjoyed every minute of it!

While working, I sipped on Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee that I picked up in Jamaica…in my new Cayman Islands coffee mug. I added FF creamer for 1 point.

12512 002

On my first break, I ate a banana and a light yogurt for 2 points.

12512 003

For lunch, I made one of my favorite salads with lettuce, blueberries, strawberries, Feta, Teriyaki chicken wings, and light raspberry vinaigrette for 7 points.

12512 004

So tasty and delicious! It’s also so colorful and pretty!

I finished it up with a No Pudge! brownie for 2 points.

12512 005

On my last break, I ate Healthy Pop popcorn with diet Cherry Pepsi for 4 points.

12512 006

I Loooooove my popcorn!

I have 11 points left for the day. We are going to visit FIL tonight and MIL invited us over for chili, so that will be delicious, I’m sure! I have had a good eating day today, so I should be fine tonight! Sorry, I can’t take pics of supper…so this will be the end of the post tonight!

It’s good to be back! Open-mouthed smile


  1. you are such an inspiration to me. the fact you can take a knock and get straight back up and be ready to fight is so good. :-)

    lois mae

  2. Remember that alot of that gain could be salt too. You basically ate out all your meals for 7+ days and those meals are full of salt.
    Great that you are back at it!!!Your doing great!!

  3. I am glad are are getting back to your routine. I think routines are so important when trying to lose weight. I bet you will be back to that low weight before you know it!

  4. your salad did look yummy!! and good stuff that you're getting back on track. You'll start dropping pounds even before you know it. Keep it going!

  5. The pictures of your cruise look like so much fun was had. Welcome back!

    Your salad looks so yummy. I wish we could get some strawberries like that in Seattle this time of year.

  6. You've had your trial, you've had your cruise, and you've faced the numbers. That's over and done with. :) Whew, now life can move on and the weight can move down! Welcome back!

  7. Moving fwd, that's the spirit!! U gotta hv some fun now and again :-). We all hv days when clothes r snug. It is depressing but motivational.

  8. Jamaican blue coffee! Yum and *so* expensive. Ugh! I hoard that when I get it every once in a while :D

    The cruise sounds like it was fantastic! Glad you enjoyed it!

  9. Mmm, I bet that coffee is tasty!

    Way to jump back into it and get back to eating healthy! That popcorn looks SO yummy, I'm a sucker for popcorn too!!!

  10. I have NO doubt you'll be back where you want to be in NO time. This month has been VERY unusual so be forgiving of yourself. I'm sooo glad you enjoyed the cruise, and also that your FIL is on the mend!!!! Take care.

  11. We all have ups & downs Alissa. I know, without a shadow of a doubt, you will lose those extra lbs and MORE in no time!! You've have such an amazing journey & I know there's great things to come!! :)



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