Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cleaning Out My Closet

I had the day off today, so I got to sleep in. Yay! I had a nice relaxing morning, I even got to watch an episode of Ugly Betty on Netflix. That show just lures me in for some reason. I’m on episode 3.

For breakfast, I attempted to make an omelet, but lately my omelets are flops—although they still taste good! I made the omelet with 1 egg, 2 egg whites, FF cheese, and FF turkey. I also had a bowl of fresh fruit—yummy—and a glass of skim milk for 7 points.

22112 001

Every item of my breakfast was a WW filling food. I like that. 

After that, I cleaned the house. It doesn’t take nearly as long when I have the time to keep up on it regularly. A day off never hurt in the “keeping the house clean” department either!

And then I sat down with a cup of coffee mixed with my favorite creamer—International Delight, Almond Joy. 1 point.

22112 002

SO good. The bottle says it’s Limited Edition, but I’ve been buying this “Limited Edition” for about a year. So I’m not sure how “Limited” it actually is. I hope it sticks around!

Today’s project was to clean out my closet. It was a mess. I assure you.

22112 004

Believe me now? lol. So embarrassing!

I put this task off far too long. I wanted our bedroom to look nice and organized, and so everything that didn’t fit into the drawers was thrown into the closet. And I was embarrassed every time I opened the door! So after a couple of hours I had it all cleaned out:

22112 005

And then it was time to sort, try on all of my clothes to see if they still fit, and throw stuff away. I ended up with this:

22112 006

1 1/2 totes of “too big” clothes and 1 1/2 garbage bags of things to throw away. That’s a lot of stuff to clean out of the closet! This isn’t even close to the first trip of “too big” clothes. I’m starting to get rid of some of the “smaller” clothes that I bought along the way because they’re not too big!! And it looked MUCH better:

22112 007

I even organized my clothes by short sleeves/ long sleeves and by color. That just makes me happy. tehehe. Nerd alert.

Now I just need to tackle my other closet… Confused smile

For lunch, I ate a tuna sandwich with lettuce and tomato along with chicken noodle soup for 9 points.


It really makes a difference when you buy the white tuna instead of the cheapest stuff in the store. It tastes a lot better.

And then I finished it up with an apple and PB for 3 points.


I was supposed to go with a co-worker to a fitness class tonight, but I still just don’t feel right. Stomach aches off and on. And today I had a headache all day. My body feels really achy, and my wrist is still all bruised and tender—and since she told me it was a hard core workout with boxing involved, I decided I better just hold off on it. I was disappointed, but hopefully we can go later in the week! It’s important to listen to your body. I also wonder if this restaurant that always makes me sick puts MSG in their food or something? I couldn’t find any negative reviews of the place though. I guess it’s just me!

After the cleaning the closet thing was done, I sat down and read a book. I snacked on Special K crackers and hummus for 5 points.

22112 008

And then I got those dark chocolate baking chips in my head and the rest is history. Now I remember why I don’t buy them. I don’t keep chocolate in the house anymore, so I need to stop buying the chocolate chips too because I obviously can’t handle them being in the house. Not to mention, it doesn’t really make my stomach feel so great. I think the fact that I do this over and over again means that it’s a behavior that needs addressing. It’s deeper than just, “I really shouldn’t do that.”

I need to work my self control muscle because it’s getting really weak!

For supper, I made Blue Hake along with roasted potatoes and steamed broccoli for 6 points.

22112 009

It wasn’t until I sat down to actually write this that I realized I ate fish twice today. hmmm…is my body trying to tell me something? lol

If I ignore the chocolate episode, I had a pretty good day otherwise. I got all of my fruits/veggies servings and drank lots of water. Not doing so well on the exercise front right now. I could blame it on not feeling well, but maybe that’s just an excuse? I’ll be glad to start afresh after weigh in day tomorrow.

I need to change my thinking that instead of feeling like I’ve totally screwed everything up when I go over my weekly points after one bad day (which happened last week), that I break it down to each choice. If I can just make the right choice in that one decision, that’s all that matters. Little steps.

I think I get too caught up in the numbers game sometimes. Counting my points, tracking calories burned, etc. I forget that what I’m actually trying to do is build lasting, healthy habits. I’m still learning.

I am slowly but surely getting our house in order. While in school, I felt so overwhelmed with all that I had going on, that it was often neglected. It makes me feel more organized. I wouldn’t be as embarrassed if someone just popped in. But mostly, when you have a clean and organized house, you feel more put together in all areas of your life. One project after another. Maybe this will help me feel more organized and put together overall. Maybe a reorganization of the kitchen is in order…now there’s a thought! Reorganizing the kitchen to ensure the healthiest lifestyle possible! I’m going to think about that…what would you (or do you) do in your kitchen to ensure you made healthy choices?


  1. I TOTALLY know how you feel. When I was in school full time and working full time a few years ago I felt like nothing ever got done around the house. I have been slacking lately, but I love that you organized your closet. I have fun doing it with mine. For some reason I feel GREAT after organizing clothes. I also feel accomplished.
    Healthy choices hmmm....
    I keep a lot of fruit in the house and I enjoy the fiber one bars.

  2. I just can't have junk food in the house. I guess I should be able to exercise self-control, but it is just too tempting.

    I love organized closets and organize my clothes by short sleeve, 3/4 length, and long sleeve. Of course they are also organized by color and in order by the colors of the rainbow. Okay, that is a major dork alert!

  3. I have a whole walk in closet for myself in our master bedroom, and it totally needs an overhaul. But it takes time.
    One job at a time!

  4. In the last week I got rid of all the junk food in the house. I am buying more organic foods even though the price is higher and I'm trying to eat more whole, clean foods. I bought a juicer on Friday and I have been juicing the heck out of it. I decided to take a break from Weight Watchers for a month or so to concentrate on whats going in my mouth rather than thinking about numbers all the time. I feel better already. I get to caught up sometimes and I need to focus on being healthy rather than just losing weight.

  5. We're kind of backwards because my husband takes most of the closet space. He has lots of work clothes and suits and other things to fill up a walk in closet. I have enough clothes to get by because I hate shopping. Getting organized is good though and I like knowing where things are. :)

  6. those eats look good. my husband and i are both trying to slim up for summer and are competing to lose 10lbs. he's lost 2 and i'm only at 1...argh!!!

  7. I'm telling you, baking chips have voices in them that call out to people! LOL.

    Ok, we basically had the same supper last night except I had breaded fish because that's what was on sale when I bought it. :)

    Also, I do dorky things like organize my closet according to what the clothing item is and then if it is turtleneck, short sleeve, etc! Too funny! It makes me feel SO GOOD when I can just look in the closet and go to the right "sections." ha

    All my junky stuff stays on the very very top in the back. Of course, if you read my blog, you realize I just get a stool and get it down anyway. Ugh. Other than that, I don't have any kitchen tips. I'm super organized in the kitchen, but no healthy tips for ya. Sorry about the chocolate episode and that you haven't felt well.

  8. Your food looks so good! I think I need to start taking photo's to help keep me accountable.

  9. Dear Alissa, please come here to Vancouver and help me with our closets too! Thanks ever so! Yours in organization need, Roz.
    Seriously, the closet is impressive!!!! Take care.

  10. I can't even eat the chunk light tuna. It gives me severe heartburn but I have no problem with chunk white.

    Your closet is impressive! I guess I am a nerd because I color sort my closet. It just makes things so much easier in the morning getting ready for work.

    I have had to remove cereal, crackers and peanut butter from my house. I just can't have them around and not eat them so you are not alone on that.

  11. Are you my long lost sister? I just tackled my closet this week too & also love the almond joy creamer and had some tuna salad with lunch!

  12. I've been reading your blog for about 2 weeks, and have really come to appreciate the fact that you write it all down, the good AND the bad! I appreciate that! So much easier to stick your head in the sand & ignore it.... nice to relate to someone and know that they keep on trying. Thank you!

  13. I organize all of our closets like it!

    Kitchen......hmmm, I keep it very organized, buy lots of different fruits and veggies. Wash, cut, and bag them so they are snack-ready, grab and go. I have been buying the Cliff Kidz good for a sweet and healthy snack, we all love them. I actually buy them through Amazon on subscribe and save, great deal!
    Oh, I also love Aldi's dark chocolate....shhhh :)

  14. A coworker brought me cookies today, I had 1 tiny cookie and am taking the rest home. Ugh! I love to organize!

  15. Chocolate chips! I know exactly what you're talking about. It has been a weakness of mine since childhood, I think because I could sneak a few as a kid without anyone really noticing. I'd dip them in peanut butter to make homemade Reese's while I watched late movies. The thought still enters my mind whenever I have the house to myself, and I'm not going to tell you how many decades separate me from my childhood!

  16. Keep up the good work. I know it's hard to focus on the positives when there's a slip up but keep trying. I know that I am constantly learning hoe to not focus on how I think I've wrecked my diet by slipping up.

    Like you I have an organisational project too. I need to reorganise my bedroom into a place that looks a lot less like a bomb has been thrown into my wardrobe and my clothes have died on the floor. I've started getting things tidied up but it's no where near done yet.

    Keep up the search for that healthier lifestyle :)



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