Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Doctor’s Appointment and Ladies Night

Amazingly, with my hungry day yesterday, I lost weight this morning! Yay! I admit, I was a little scared to step on the scale. I ended up eating more weekly points last night, but I am happy to say that I kept it healthy.

For breakfast this morning, I ate 1/2 serving of oatmeal with strawberries on top, an egg, and skim milk for 6 points.

2912 001

Delicious! I am terrible at cooking eggs. But since I’m cooking them more often, I’m starting to get a little better. Today’s egg was ALMOST perfect. I like them with the center soft, but not runny. I’m not really sure what that’s called.

And then I was off to the doctor. I’m always a little nervous about going to the doctor because of previous experiences. But, I decided to try to find a new doctor to help me with a few different concerns that I have. And I loved her. For once, I found a doctor that I really liked.

I didn’t even have to bring up my weight loss—she looked at my chart and brought it into the conversation herself. Not only that, but she congratulated me and continued to tell me that I should be very proud of myself. She said that she never gets to see people like me that are actually losing the weight. She said she usually sees those who are suffering from the complications of obesity instead. She told me that I had been on the road to diabetes and other conditions and that by taking action, I was becoming a very healthy person. She reviewed my blood work and was amazed at my numbers. She said they were well below what she even recommends and said that’s where my exercise and hard work is paying off.

I thanked her for the little talk she gave me. It was just what I needed to hear. She told me not to get discouraged. All of this time, I have been trying to lose the weight to get healthy. Every time I have gone to a doctor, they tell me that I am unhealthy and that I need to lose more weight. While this doctor acknowledged that I had more weight to lose, she also acknowledged where I had come from and the hard work that I had put in. And to hear a medical professional tell me that my hard work had paid off in regard to my health, was JUST what I needed. This IS for a purpose. It REALLY IS paying off.

She told me that the last time I was at that office (with another doctor) I was in bad shape for a 23 year old. Three years later, my BMI has dropped 9 points. And she said that’s amazing. I must have lost weight at that point too because overall, as of today, my BMI has dropped from 47.9 to 34.8. That’s 13.1 points.

She doesn’t care how slow my weight loss has been. She said she doesn’t like to see people drop weight quickly because it comes right back on. She said that this weight loss thing comes down to your head. It’s a mind game. And I agree.

She also gave me locations in town that I could go to walk indoors at during the winter—that I had no clue that I could! I am going to look into those places if the times work for me.

So, if you have a doctor that repeatedly makes you feel terrible and does not acknowledge how far you have come. Find a new one. Plain and simple.

Usually, I leave the doctor’s office in tears. But today, I left with my head high and highly motivated.

So motivated, in fact, that I came home and ran/walked 2.07 miles in 30 minutes. I ran 1.25 miles and walked the rest for the warm up/cool down. I burned 328 calories. AND, not only that, but I biked 5.7 miles in 30 minutes and burned 488 calories. That’s 816 calories! I guess that’s the way to do it because normally I burn about 1/4 of the calories on the bike—but my HR was already up when I started!

2912 002

I was a bit of a mess. lol. You can read about my emotional sort of “awakening” here. I realized that I have a lot of negative and painful memories regarding where I’ve come from. I am embarrassed to admit that, knowing that my family reads this. I don’t want to come across as an emotional basket case or anything. But it’s amazing how people’s words and actions, when you are young, can really affect you. I didn’t even realize the immensity of those things until I started trying to figure out why I was overweight. They hurt. But I’m finally realizing that those things just aren’t true. I often let those voices, and the ideas that they threw on me, keep shouting in my head and tell me that I’m not good enough at anything I do. But I am. I’m proving it. And I have to use those feelings to become who I know I am capable of being. The person that I REALLY AM, if I stop limiting myself. And I appreciated Kim’s comment about being able to let go of the past, but being able to use it for motivation—exactly what I’m trying to do!

Alright! I’ve done a lot of “talking” today on this post! Smile

For lunch, I ate a sandwich made with turkey, turkey bacon, Swiss, and tomato along with a bowl of crock pot lentil soup for 9 points.

2912 005

I finished it up with a banana for 0 points.

2912 006

After lunch, I sat down with a cup of coffee (with FF creamer) for 1 point.

2912 007

I didn’t want the coffee to affect my BP at the doctor so I waited to drink it. My BP at the doctor was actually 124/70, which was amazing for me!! But it’s not normally that good, so she is switching up my meds for me.

And then I got started on preparing food for Ladies night, which it was my turn to host. A few of us ladies from work get together about once a month—fun!

While doing that, I sipped on a green smoothie for 1 point. This included spinach and 2 oranges. See? I got some veggies in! Winking smile

2912 008

All of the ladies arrived for supper. It was lots of fun! I tried to make a Red Lobster style supper. I didn’t get a picture of the food on my plate, but I took a picture of the leftovers for ya.

2912 009

I served Coconut shrimp with Pina Colada dipping sauce, Vegan Quinoa (big hit), steamed broccoli, clam chowder soup (which I totally forgot to take a picture of!), and Red Lobster biscuits. All homemade. All turned out delish! Later on, I had a non-alcoholic Pina Colada and a slice of chocolate cheesecake that one of the ladies brought. Delish!

They all actually loved the Quinoa and I offered leftovers and they all took the Quinoa so that’s out of the house! Yay! And one took some of everything so thankfully we don’t have a bunch of leftovers…except I totally forgot about the soup…we have lots of that left. I will be interested to see how many points it actually is. I used all of the low point stuff I could manage while cooking! That’s how I roll. Make substitutions and make things healthy!

I am too tired to figure my points tonight, but I will tomorrow morning! I think I did fairly well, but I’m sure I dipped into my weeklies. No overeating though! Smile


  1. I love everything in this post!

    I think it's awesome that you had a good experience at the doctor's office. And you are SO right about finding a new doctor if the one you have makes you feel bad.

    Also, good for you for facing the real reasons you gained weight. That can be so difficult to do! It's tough, I know from personal experience. ;)

    And, lastly, ROCK ON with that workout!

  2. I think the main reason to lose weight should be to get healthy and not just lookin good. You have definitely come a long way. You are really inspiring :)

  3. I am SO GLAD you finally came away from the doctor's office feeling great about you!!! You still have me all tore up from your post earlier today. I even made my husband read it! LOL. Then he was all mad and trying to fire your teachers and coaches from years ago. Ugh. :) Phooey on them. You are a successful blogger with a following, in a successful marriage, are a college graduate, and you have dropped tons of weight! You go girl! You need to find that song "how do you like me now" by Toby Keith! Ha! Okay, I need to calm down so I can rest tonight. I will probably have a dream about punching your softball coach or something. ROFL.

  4. My doctors are very supportive of my weight loss. Year after year of being obese and doctors telling me I had to lose weight killed me. Telling me I had to lose weight and never giving me "real" advice. Never understanding who I am. But I have found doctors who when I walked into their office they know who I am, they know how far I've come and they keep cheering me on.

  5. Alissa - you are such an inspiration! Go Girl!

  6. Such an awesome post!! I think we all are striving to be able to have a post like this! Alissa you are a rockstar!! keep it going

  7. Your new doctor sounds like just the right kind of cheerleader you need. Congrats on finding her, on all your progress, and on your kickass workout after your appointment!

  8. Coming out of "lurkdome" - been inspired by reading your blog now for the last month or so. I have so much to compliment you on, but mostly today I just wanted to tell you how beautiful I believe you are! I see such an inner glow in your eyes that only comes when one learns to find their own way. You radiate! You're an inspiration to me! I wish I had learned to find my way at such a young age, but thankfully, I'm learning that now. Much thanks and appreciation!

  9. Thats so awesome about your dr! Its so hard to find good ones these days. Congrats on all your hard work :)

  10. Yey! I'm glad you found a doctor that cares about your healthy and is encouraging. I have a good doctor too, although she is probably frustrated by me.

    Your ladies night dinner sounds great.

  11. Great post!! Glad you found a wonderful doctor!! Food looks yummy!

  12. An egg that is soft in the middle, but not runny is over medium :)

    I'm so proud of you and that's awesome that your Dr. is aknowledging your hard work as well!! Keep it up!!!


  13. Yea for finding a caring and motivating doctor!! AND YEA for going home and doing those miles!! :)

    You've come a long way, baby!




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