Monday, February 6, 2012

Does Hubby Have to Watch a Chick Flick?


He won the first week’s weight loss contest. As you remember, about half way through the week, I was narrowly ahead of him. I’m going to blame it all on TOM showing up. lol. He beat me by .7 lbs. I’m very proud of him. He lost 4.9 lbs. this week! Way to go, Hubby!!

My official WI still happens on Wednesdays though. Smile

So I will have to watch an action packed man movie with no complaints. That was the deal. Now we need a challenge for our competition this week. Something basically free would be ideal. Any ideas?

For breakfast this morning, I tried a Hungry Girl Recipe from her 300 Under 300 Cookbook. I made Super-Sized Berry-Nana Oatmeal Parfaits. I only ended up using 1/2 of the ingredients so these turned out to be pretty low in points! I don’t have big enough parfait cups I guess! I also ate an egg for a total of 5 points.

2612 002

It was delicious though. And definitely something different.

While working, I sipped on coffee with FF creamer for 1 point.

2612 003

My breakfast didn’t keep me full very long though! Not enough protein.

On my first break, I ate a turkey wrap for 4 points.

2612 004

And 2 mandarins for 0 points. I should say 1 1/2 mandarins because one of these was disgusting and I threw it away.

2612 006

For lunch, I had a Shredded BBQ salad with lettuce, tomato, pecans and gorgonzola for 7 points. On my favorite—butter lettuce.

2612 007

That crumbled gorgonzola cheese is so delicious. YUM!

I finished my lunch out with FF/SF vanilla pudding for 2 points.

2612 008

On my last break, I wanted something low point that would satisfy me too. So I made a green smoothie. This one with spinach, strawberries and a banana for 1 point.

2612 009

So yummy and so refreshing during that afternoon slump.

For supper, I made sandwich thin pizzas along with a HG recipe for steamed zucchini for 6 points.

2612 010

2612 011

I thought it was kind of funny that someone pinned my recipe for the sandwich thin pizzas on Pinterest and said the ones they made were much prettier than the ones in my picture. Don’t be hatin! lol

Such a satisfying and flavorful meal!

And then for dessert, I had this delicious Hot Fudge Pudding cake for only 4 points! YES, 4 points! It is simply amazing and I will be sharing the recipe!

2612 012

I have 3 points left for the day. Right on track!

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  1. That cake does look really very good! Man, my foods are way too high in points. One thing is, with 6 people to feed, I buy a lot of convenience foods, so my foods are just naturally higher in points. Bummer. Anyway, I was shocked when you said you had 3 points left. At that point in the day, I am saying "I used 52 weeklies." Haha. Good job.

  2. So which movie did you watch? If I were to lose to my hubby he would make me watch die-hard 4 again! Sigh! men will be men.

    Can't wait for you to post the brownie recipe :)

  3. Very well done to the pair of you. It's great to have support. x

  4. The cake looks great, cant wait for the recipe. I have to share, this morning I realized we were low on milk So I decided to use creamer in my coffee and leave the milk for the kids. Well as I was getting ready to pour the creamer into my cup (in an amount sure to be too much) I thought of your post a few days back mentioning your hubby measuring out his creamer (for some reason that just poped into my head)and got out my measuring spoon and measured out the correct amount and had a perfect cup of coffee. So see your words do impact others and help us who are in this journey right beside you. :-)

  5. How about next week's winner has to prepare a surprise dinner including cleaning up the kitchen? :)

  6. Sorry you lost but I think it was a little unfair with you being on and all :o lol! but well done for not being a sore loser, besides you're both winning in the end right :D
    Your food looks lovely and varied. Good on you!

  7. Your mini pizza's look super yummy! Love your food options.



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