Sunday, February 19, 2012

Eat a Salad

I recently subscribed to Nutrition Action Healthletter because I love reading about health and nutrition. I already read the January/February 2012 edition from front to back. It has great information in it!

I wanted to share an interesting piece of information regarding a study that is featured in the magazine because I found it very insightful.

In the study, women were given a 100-calorie salad of veggies, light cheese, and FF Italian salad dressing along with a main dish. “When the women were told that they had to eat the entire salad, they consumed 11% fewer calories at the meal than when they were offered no salad. However, when the women were allowed to eat as much of the salad as they wanted, they ate only about two-thirds of it, and they consumed no fewer calories at the meal than when they ate no salad” (p. 8).

So what does this mean? Fill up on a low calorie veggie salad before a meal. Eating the entire salad will help fill you up and, if you listen to your hunger signals, you will eat less calories overall.


  1. I'm not surprised. Just a shame when you eat out you have to be so demanding to get a salad that isn't packed with extra calories and yummy junk!

  2. I agree with momma. I'm always picking off the croutons from my salad. I do order dressing on the side and dip my fork in it and then into a bite of salad. My husband says I just want a "hint" of salad dressing. He's right. :)

  3. Wow!! What an interesting study!! And such a good tip!!

  4. Interesting article. Love salads, and look forward to spring/summer eating when we have them more often. (but maybe we should just have 'em now!) Have a great week Alissa.

  5. interesting, thanks for sharing.yea i agree with many comments, it's SO hard to make a healthy choice when it comes to eating a salad at restaurants...they load it will hidden calories and fat that the normal, every day customer might not see or pay attention to...



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