Wednesday, February 29, 2012

First Day on the New Plan

This morning I lost .4 lbs. for the week. And I’ll take it. It’s better than a gain. I weighed in at 209.3.

And now I embark on my new adventure! Counting calories. I’m not just counting calories, but I will be using the skills and knowledge that I picked up over these last few years on Weight Watchers and apply that. Hopefully I can become healthier and reach my goal.

I decided to change my weight loss goal to losing 1.5 lbs. per week. Mostly because it said I will reach my goal by December 31, 2012. Now I know that probably won’t happen knowing my slow weight loss, but that would make me SO happy. So I’m going to try. This plan allows me 1,702 calories per day.

For breakfast, I ate Egg Beaters with Laughing Cow cheese and turkey, oatmeal with strawberries and a glass of skim milk.

22912 001

Instead of listing calories for each meal, I will list the totals at the end of the day.

I wanted to make sure I got a workout in first thing this morning because I wouldn’t have any more free time throughout the day for it. I biked 9.3 miles in 40 minutes and burned 230 calories.

While working, I sipped on coffee with Almond Joy creamer.

22912 002

On my first break, I went outside of my normal snack food comfort zone and ate a whole 1 oz. serving of almonds! I know, right? No eating 1/2 serving to save points. And at 160 calories, it seemed like a good snack.

22912 003

For lunch, I ate baked blue hake (try saying that 10 times fast) with black beans and a side salad with lettuce, tomato, feta and FF French dressing.

22912 004

A very healthy lunch! I finished it up with FF/SF chocolate pudding.

22912 005

On my break, I tried out a product I was sent to review. Adora calcium supplements. This one is dark chocolate.

22912 008

Stay tuned for a review of these!

I also ate a Weight Watchers smoked string cheese.

22912 009

It was a really windy day today! So windy that it blew one of our storm windows out in the porch and made this sound like a power saw! Needless to say, I was really scared to walk out into the porch and find out what was making that noise!

Since it sounded so cold outside, I thought another cup of coffee with creamer sounded perfect.

22912 010

I try to limit myself to coffee once a day, but some days just require more!

Hubby had supper ready when I got off of work. He made his famous creamed beef over toast along with green beans.

22912 011

So good! And even better since I don’t have to cook!

I finished it up with a serving of Thin Mints.

22912 012

So that’s my first day on my new tracking system.

So how did I do?


Daily calorie budget
Food calories consumed
Exercise calories burned
Net calories so far today

I can eat 182 more calories today.

Nutrient wise:

Fat: 26.4%, Carbs: 35.2%, Protein: 38.4%

I am happy with those numbers!

My sodium was still pretty high at 2,487.5 mg. But one thing at a time here.

I am slightly confused by the tracking system because it factors in exercise calories that you can eat if you want. Even if I eat them, I should still lose 1.5 lbs. per week, according to this. But obviously NOT eating them would help too. I’m really not sure if I should eat them or not? Today I did eat a few.

If I want a snack tonight, I’m going to try to stick with some grapes or something low calorie and keep it within the 182 calories that I have left. That’s perfectly attainable!


  1. Here's to new plans! Good luck!!

  2. Congrats on your loss! Great job tracking everything you eat :)

  3. I am a firm believer in eating as much as you can while still losing weight. Since this is a new plan, try eating some of those calories and see if you still lose this week. If so, then keep eating them.

    It's a little hard because calorie counting is not totally accurate, so eating back all the calories is says you burn may be more than you are actually burning (or some of the foods you eat may be a little more than the tracker says).

  4. I'm a first time commentor and I've just recently really started to focus on fitness and nutrition. From all the reading I've done lately, the overwhelming consensus is that you definitely need to be eating more calories on the days you are working out, so you should be eating the calories you are burning when you workout. You need the extra fuel and, if it's healthy calories, you will continue to lose weight.

    Good luck! Calorie counting has worked for me (I've last 12 pounds since January 1) and it's very eye-opening!

  5. My vote is to eat them if you are hungry and/or feel like you need more food that day, and don't eat them if you don't.

  6. Do you use My Fitness Pal? I love using it for counting calories... it does all the math for you on food/exercise. I try to stick to 1200 calories a day, but I don't eat back my exercise points. Good Luck!

  7. Hi Alissa, looks like day one of the new plan was a good one!!!! And I 100% agree about SOME days just needing that extra coffee. All the best.

  8. Cheers to your new plan! Sounds like you've got a handle on things, and you're keeping good track!

  9. Good to switch things up! It helps keep you motivated. Good luck.



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