Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Happy Valentine’s Day! You can always find a reason to celebrate love. Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. It’s fun to surprise those you love with a little something sweet to let them know you care. Some people have a problem with the holiday because they think it’s too commercialized, but I have no problem with another excuse to shower the one that I love with gifts or sweet thoughts—whatever it is! And it’s always fun to be showered by the one I love, too!

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!


  1. So I'm NOT the only yahoo posting on Vday! Haha! Hope you loved your day. Sounds like it from the tone of your post. :)

  2. It's my favorite holiday! Hope you had a wonderful day.

  3. I love Valentine's day too. Hope you and your hubby enjoyed every minute. Take care.

  4. Happy belated Valentines Day! PS, I tagged you in a chain post. because they're fun!



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