Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Keep on Trackin’

Weigh in day sucked this week. Yep. 3.3 lb. gain. Saw that one coming. My eating was terrible for a few different reasons. None of them excusable.

For breakfast this morning, I had an egg sandwich with FF cheese and turkey bacon along with a bowl of fruit and skim milk for 9 points.

22212 001

I wasn’t feeling fabulous before I ate and afterwards I felt worse. I napped until I had to work. A little earlier than I like to take this stuff…

22212 002

While working, I sipped on Duchess Grey tea for 0 points.

22212 003

I was feeling hungry on my break, so I ate toast with laughing cow for 2 points.

22212 005

And then that made me more hungry, so I ended up eating 7 wheat crackers for 3 points.

22212 006

I was just eating what sounded good to me. Bland items, as you can see. But not really the best foods for me. Too many carbs! Why is it that when I don’t feel well, all I want is soup, crackers, and toast?

For lunch, I ate tuna with light miracle whip, everything pretzel crisps and squash soup for 9 points.

22212 007

I finished it up with an apple and PB for 3 points.

22212 008

On my break, I made a mango and strawberry smoothie for 1 point.

22212 009

And ate some, but not all, of a bag of popcorn for 2 points.

22212 010

That just left me feeling uncomfortable and slightly sick to my stomach. Not sure what’s wrong with me but I wish it would pass. I still had the headache and achiness all day too.

For supper, I had to make something quick. Whole wheat pasta with reduced fat alfredo along with teriyaki chicken wings for 12 points. I usually add veggies to this but we were in a rush. So I really messed up in the veggie dept. today!

22212 011

I finished it up with a No Pudge! brownie for 3 points.

22212 012

And there ya have it. I’ll be honest, not happy with how I’ve been eating the past few days since I’m not feeling the greatest. Although, I stayed out of those baking chips today! Winking smileBut I did use 9 weekly points. That’s what they’re for, I guess. Just keep on trackin!


  1. I like that you just get back at it after a slip!

  2. Feel better soon! I crave ice cream and carbs when I am sick. Especially cheesy gooey food.

  3. Glad you haven't let the gain discourage you so much that you quit! Being sick and trying to stay on track can be very difficult. Just do the best you can, feel better!

  4. I had a gain today for my WI, too. It stinks. And it's like I'm a yo-yo, ever so encouraging - NOT. Did you ever get tested for H. pylori? If not, you really should, just to put that to rest. It is a breath test and/or a blood test. My husband's breath test came back negative but blood test positive. Maybe it's just that you aren't feeling well, but thought I'd nag you about it again. ;)

  5. Funny, I was going to mention H pylori as well. Might be a good idea to get tested for that.

  6. Aw shoot, I'm sorry that you're not feeling well. I hope you get to feeling better soon!

  7. poor thing. Sounds like a nasty bug! Feel better soon Alissa!!! Sending good wishes your way!!



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