Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday, Monday, Monday…

How was your weekend? I hope it was a good one! I know they are never long enough.

Mine was spent vehicle shopping. We have a budget, and so we are going to stick with that and be picky about what we buy. We were looking at the Jeep Liberty model and were finally able to test drive one. LOVED it. Just perfect. It’s amazing how long it takes to shop for a car. The car salesmen make it a long, drawn out process. But, that’s ok. We will continue to look for what we want. I just wish the car salesmen would be more straightforward and say, look—this is what I’ll sell it to you for and nothing less. But you never know where they stand. I’m a first time car shopper—hubby has done it a couple of times. Any tips?

For breakfast, I ate scrambled eggs with turkey sausage, PB/Banana toast, and a glass of milk for 8 points.

21312 003

Once again, hubby lost this week’s weight loss contest. He lost 4.1 lbs.!! I’m very proud of him! Guess I better start planning his special meal.. SmileI know that he is probably going to beat me in every contest, but I keep thinking that one of these weeks I WILL beat him. Any ideas for our challenge this week?

After hubby left for work, I jumped on the stationary bike for 7 miles in 30 minutes. I had the idea to download the Netflix app on my iPad and try watching something as I worked out. It really made the time go fast!!

21312 004

And I watched Heavy, which I’ve had in the queue for a while. It’s motivating to see that. I wasn’t sure if watching something would be too distracting when I should be thinking about working out, but I burned 191 calories—so I think I did alright, and will probably do it again. Do you watch something while working out? Do you work out harder when you do/don’t?

And then it was time for work. I sipped on coffee with FF creamer for 1 point.

21312 005

On my first break, I was hungry and knew I had a later lunch, so I ate popcorn for 4 points to fill me up.

21312 006

For lunch, I ate leftover lasagna and green beans for 7 points.

21312 007

Yummy! I also had a No Pudge! brownie for 3 points.

21312 008

We had guests for supper tonight. I fixed creamy chicken enchiladas (using all low calorie ingredients):

21312 013

Lettuce salad with tomatoes and avocado, that I topped with salsa and a little Greek yogurt.

21312 011

HG corn muffins.

21312 012

And tortilla chips with guacamole.

21312 010

21312 009

And for dessert, I made, basically, a sugar free dessert. Here is a quick picture of the leftovers. A pretty nasty looking picture…lol. But I wasn’t able to take pictures when I served it up all pretty. Maybe next time. SmileBut that’s a crust, a ricotta cheese mixture, bananas, and chocolate pudding. The final topping is Cool Whip. It was average.

21312 014

It was a good supper, and I just listened to my body and stopped when I was satisfied. Not 100% sure what the points would be for everything, but that’s ok for tonight.

Overall, it was a pretty good day!


  1. I'm not sure if you have a similar thing where you live, but our local credit union has an auto-buying service. You tell them what you are looking for (new or used) and your budget and they find it -- avoiding the hassle of car salesmen all together. We've bought 3 vehicles this way in the past 20 years and I cannot imagine doing it any other way.

  2. I've had TWO jeep liberty's. Both were The Limited with a few of their nice upgrades. I loved my cute little jeeps but the gas mileage was miserable! Maybe about 230 max to E and it cost about 65 to fill up with our gas prices. You don't commute so maybe it'll be okay but I only drove 14 miles each way to work. Anyhow-at least you are taking your time so you'll get what you want.

  3. I really hate shopping for cars but we may have to do that soon. I used to walk on a treadmill and the only way I could make myself do it was to watch something on TV. Walking in place is so boring!

  4. Good luck with the car shopping Alissa. I'm sure you'll find EXACTLY what you're looking for. Happy Valentine's day to you and your hubby!!!

  5. Happy Valentine's Day! I read on someone's blog where they emailed all the car dealerships within driving distance that had the car they were interested in and said whoever emailed them with the lowest offer would "win" their business. They scored a great deal!



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