Friday, February 24, 2012

My First Group Fitness Class Experience

Last night, I participated in my very first group fitness class at a gym.

Let’s step back in time to about 10 years ago when I was a freshmen and sophomore in high school.

I dreaded P.E. class. Absolutely hated it. I felt humiliated trying to participate in group sports to only be laughed at by other kids in the class. I remember exactly how my silky navy blue shorts felt tight on my plump thighs. The largest they came in was XL, and they were way too tight on me. I was constantly pulling at them.

So when sophomore year came around and I had the option to take choir in place of P.E. class, you can bet I was all over that. And that was the end of my group fitness classes.

Fast forward to today.

When a friend at work asked me to go with her to a ROC Fit class at a local gym for free, I was both scared and excited to try it out. It was definitely a step outside of my comfort zone, but a step I needed to make. And even though I wanted to call and cancel on her a second time, I mustered up my courage and went.

I was nervous. I envisioned the days of P.E. class where I would be laughed at and pull inside myself a little more. I imagined going back to the very quiet me, who tried to hide. The girl who didn’t want to draw attention to herself. And at first, I felt that happening. I started to draw into myself a few times during the workout, but I quickly snapped myself out of it and told myself that I was just as good as everyone else in that room.

And I loved it. Loved almost every minute of it.

It was a class that involved kick boxing, something totally new to me. My friend showed me how to wrap up my wrists and put on the boxing gloves. I learned the 1-2-1-2 moves. I’m slightly uncoordinated so it took some coaching, but I could do it! It is an awesome feeling to be punching and kicking with all your might and power.

I gave it my all. I really did. Everything I had. I was drenched in sweat by the time we were done. I pushed my muscles to the limit. My body was literally shaking. And it felt so good.

I saw women there that I attain to be. A couple women could do pull ups like no other, their muscle definition showing in their arms.

Pulls ups were the only part of the class that I felt totally uncomfortable. We had to jump up on this bar and someone had to spot us if we couldn’t do a full pull up. Two women helped me. The whole time I was worried that they probably thought I was as heavy as a cow. I knew I had more in me, but I quit because I was embarrassed.

The second time, the trainer came over and pushed me harder to do it. He said, “three more” and I gave it all I had and pushed right through it, with Biggest Loser style grunts coming out of my mouth as I gave it all I had. What an empowering feeling. And my friend said, “Wow—you did more than me!” And that felt good too.

In the end, I learned that fitness classes can be fun. Everyone is so motivating and encouraging of each other. It’s nothing like P.E. class was in school. It helped me to push to my limits. I loved it.
I wish I could join this class, but I live too far away to go every day of the week like you’re supposed to. But I did talk to an employee at the gym about a personal trainer and she was super nice. She was so impressed with my story and said she has the perfect trainer for me to work with. She also stressed strength training, and I know that I need help with that.

Hiring a personal trainer would be WAY out of my comfort zone. But I think I’m ready. I am admitting that I need help and that I am willing to go out of my comfort zone to get it. That means that I want it bad enough. I’ve come this far and I’m ready to go the rest of the way!

Here’s a video that shows the workout:


  1. Aww! What a great story...can't wait to hear more about your group classes!

    Happy Weekend!

  2. What a great big step for you. That's awesome. Group fitness is just one more way to mix up your work outs to keep it fun. And I bet it's nice to have a new gym glass experience to replace the negative ones from high school. Kids can be so mean.

  3. way to step out of your comfort zone, and a boxing style class is awesome and fun!

  4. Instead of being scared just enjoy your programme and I think you will be more comfortable with the dos.EMR

  5. Awesome girl! This was a great experience for you! I really love your blog, and I really adore you. You are such a sweetie and an inspiration. :)

  6. Hi Alissa! What a great post. So glad you went and enjoyed the class!!! Have a wonderful Saturday!

  7. Congrats on making this step I have been trying to do this just haven't gotten up the courage...your story really hit home for me I feel like I was reading my own story how I was teased in PE and then started taking choir instead...I need to get into the group classes I joined a gym that offers all kinds of classes free with the membership I'm just been to nervous to go...thank you for the inspiration!

  8. Go for the trainer! I started with a trainer about 2 years ago and it was the best decision. He taught me the right way to do things and help to keep me motivated. I would never have tried to do some of the things we did. Very empowering! I have lost 140lbs, so he must have done something right.



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