Friday, February 10, 2012

No, Mom, I’m Not Pregnant… ;)

I made sure to calculate my points from last night as one of the first things I did this morning. I ended up using 11 weekly points. Not bad at all!! The soup was the highest in points, but thankfully, I only ate about 1/2 a serving of it. So it was a success. I enjoyed the food and the company. Those are the times I am ok with using weekly points.

For breakfast this morning, I had leftover HG oatmeal topped with strawberries, skim milk, and an egg for 6 points.


While working, I drank coffee with FF creamer for 1 point.


I was hungry, hungry on my break, so I ate a low carb wrap with turkey and FF cheese for 4 points.

21012 001

I also ate a banana for 0 points. This was beyond my liking. I like them a little green.

21012 002

And carrots for 0 points.

21012 003

It was a cold day outside today with the wind howling. I was craving anything warm. I brewed some Mango tea from Trader Joe’s for 0 points.

21012 004

This was my first time trying this and WOW—SO GOOD!

For lunch, I ate leftovers—crock pot lentil soup and vegan quinoa for 6 points.

21012 005

I was craving something sweet, so I ate hot fudge pudding cake for 4 points. Recipe coming this weekend!!

21012 007

I was feeling a little fatigued on my break and needed a little pick me up. I made a green smoothie with 2 oranges and a bunch of spinach to finish up the bag. 1 point.

21012 008

For supper, I ate leftover clam chowder and 5 crackers with Laughing Cow for 11 points.

21012 009

I know I shouldn’t have dessert twice in the day, but I had some Blue Bunny Double Strawberry ice cream for 4 points.

21012 011

Yummy! That puts me right at my points target for the day!

Hubby and I are going to start looking at getting a new vehicle for myself over the weekend…hopefully we can find something for a good deal that’s also nice! And we’re looking at going with a more “family” vehicle. Don’t get any ideas though… Winking smile

No, Mom, I’m not pregnant! My Mom thinks we went on the cruise to kick off “trying” for a baby. lol Not the case Mom, keep on wishin’… Winking smile


  1. Teehee! It's good to plan ahead :)

  2. LOL, Mothers! Glad you didn't do too bad last night! Enjoy the weekend!

  3. LOL at the mom comment. I am glad I am now of the age where people stop asking LOL!

  4. We were asked "When are we going to have grand babies?" for ten years until they gave up. At fourteen years we decided the time was right. Now my babies are almost 32 and 30. :)

  5. I actually don't mind my bananas a little mushy - when they get like that I shmear some peanut butter on it, then dip it in kashi go lean - crunchy, salty and sweet!

  6. I like green bananas too!

    Even when you have a baby the questions never stop - they just want to know when the next one is coming ;)



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