Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Weigh in Day: Where My Veggies At?

This morning I weighed in at 210.2, which is a 1.4 lb. loss for the week! I’ll take that! I can honestly say that I stayed on track this past week. I stayed within my points, although I did use all of my Weekly Points. I am proud of myself for staying on plan, this even despite TOM. Here’s to another on plan week!

For breakfast this morning, I ate a bowl of oatmeal topped with blueberries and strawberries along with a boiled egg and skim milk for 8 points.

6812 001

Hubby and I decided that the loser of this week’s contest will have to cook the winner a surprise dinner and clean everything up by themselves. Thanks to Mom to One for the suggestion!

While working, I sipped on coffee with FF creamer for 1 point.

6812 002

On my break, I ate a banana for 0 points.

6812 004

For lunch, I ate scrambled eggs with FF cheese, 4 slices of turkey bacon, shredded potatoes and an orange for 11 points.

6812 005

I was SO hungry. I was actually still hungry after all of that but told myself that I should just wait before I ate anything else because it didn’t really seem like I NEEDED anything else. So I drank a bunch of water but still felt hungry.

So I made a chocolate protein shake made with this:

6812 006

I got this packet from my sister quite a while ago. I was surprised to see how low in points this was! I added a banana because I didn’t know how it would work without any added fruit to my smoothie. This was 3 points of deliciousness.

6812 007

At 22g. of protein, I was pretty sure that would fill me up! And it did. It felt like I was drinking a chocolate milk shake, too. Can’t beat that!

I actually ate lunch during the time I was supposed to have been in a meeting at the office today, but since my car broke down, I couldn’t go in and they don’t let you work during the meeting if you’re not there to attend it.

So on my lunch break, I biked instead. I biked 5.1 miles in 20 minutes and burned 123 calories. It felt great to get some activity in!

And wouldn’t you know, by mid afternoon I was hungry again. I ate Healthy Pop for 4 points.

6812 008

We were in a bit of a rush tonight, so hubby brought home Subway for supper. I had a 6” turkey and ham for 7 points.

6812 009

And then I had a Hot Fudge Pudding Cake piece with 1/2 serving of ice cream for 6 points.

6812 010

I used 7 weekly points today. It was a hungry day! I really failed on eating any veggies today. Whoops! When I am out of lettuce, I don’t do a very good job at eating my veggies. I’ll do better tomorrow! Although I do feel like I ate quite a few “different” foods and meals today. So maybe it was a good day to switch things up a bit. I like to save those weeklies for the weekends when I need them most though. But it wasn’t a bad day in the scheme of things. Smile


  1. Yeah! I know hubby will be cooking and cleaning for you! :)

  2. this is your week! He will cook and clean up. Make sure it's a good 6 course meal.
    And you're food always always always looks so freaking yummmmmy!!!!! I'm vegetarian but now craving butter chicken and a zinger burger from KFC. Help!

  3. Congrats on the weight loss! :D

    I love that you called it a "hungry day." That's exactly how my sister and I refer to those bottomless pit days!

  4. Great loss! It feels good to stay on track. I cannot stand my hungry days and I always hope they land on works days so I'm out of the house for a while.

  5. We eat a ton of veggies here. When we first buy groceries, I can barely fit all the fruits and veggies into the refrigerator. Hope you win this week. :)



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