Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What a Day!

I feel like I’ve had a good week. I’m hoping that the scale will show me some love tomorrow, but I don’t really know what to expect based on my number this morning. Stupid TOM! Grrr!

For breakfast this morning, I made another Hungry Girl recipe. This time, I made the Sweet and Savory Breakfast Bread Pudding Bowl. Whew. That’s a mouthful. Literally and figuratively. This was delicious! I also had skim milk and a banana for a total of 8 points.

2712 001

I did some laundry and dishes and then sat down to read some blogs. I sipped on coffee with FF creamer for 1 point. But I didn’t get a picture of it.

I had my day all planned out. I had an appointment at the consignment store to drop off some more clothes that are too big for me. I also had an appointment at the eye doctor to check my eyes and get new lenses.


But my car broke down on the way there. There I was, stranded on the side of the road. Thankfully, I was only about 5 miles from my town, so the mechanic was able to come pick me up and get my car later with minimal towing bills.

But what a bummer! Can you tell I was bummed? lol


So I pouted for a little bit and then decided it was a good excuse to spend the day in my jammies. Although I did have to clean the house…which was supposed to be the 2nd part of my day.

For lunch, I ate my BBQ salad for 6 points.

2712 003

mmmm so good!

I also had a serving of FF/SF vanilla pudding for 2 points.

2712 004

I spent about 3 hours cleaning the house. I feel like I am constantly saying that I am cleaning the house. I guess it’s just not something you can ever stop doing—so that’s probably why I’m always saying I’m cleaning the house…again! At least that was some movement and activity for the day.


hmmm? lol Why do I picture my Dad shaking his head at me right now for posting that cartoon? “Clean your room!”

I am ashamed on the exercise front. I could list excuse after excuse. But that’s just what they are. Excuses. No matter how valid they are. Some days, there are valid excuses for not working out—but I should be making up for that on the days that there are NO valid excuses, which would be most days anyways.

I feel like I have gotten my eating in order this past week. And that was my goal. This next week (my WI weeks start/end on Wednesdays, BTW) I want to find the motivation to start exercising again. It’s ridiculous. It must change. I know I’m not the only one who struggles with this or “working out more often” would not be one of the top new year’s resolutions for so many people!

So I am going to try to find a way to get motivated to be ACTIVE on a regular basis. And I think I am going to start rethinking exercise. The truth is, I have to find a way to be active that is going to work for me. Care to join me as I try to find a way to work this into my lifestyle in such a way that will be permanent and enjoyable?

I think it’s funny, I went downstairs and caught my cats sleeping on top of the water heater. I guess it must be warm!

2712 005

I was hungry mid afternoon, so I ate an apple with PB for 3 points.

2712 006

Oh, peanut butter, how I love you!

And I was still hungry, so I ate a Rocky Road Protein bar for 4 points.

2712 007

I actually got these bars a long time ago to do a review. I cannot find the information from the company that sent me a box of stuff. They seem to have disappeared! They were giving me a long time to give me a chance to try everything they sent and I never heard anything else from them and kind of forgot about it! They must have gone out of business. But the product is good! haha

And then hubby got home and we were off to an appointment.

When we got home, I had to attempt to drive his truck, which is a stick shift. This was my first time driving a stick shift and it was stupid. What’s the point? lol. But I did ok. I need some practice. Final verdict, I’m not going to drive by myself on icy roads in the middle of nowhere until I have a little more experience! So while I am supposed to go into the office for a meeting tomorrow, that’s just not going to happen. I’ll have to work from home.

I was a little stressed by the time we got home. With hubby telling me I needed to do this and do that. I was done. lol

Thankfully, I had supper in the crock pot. I made Lentil Soup, which is miraculously only 2 points per serving. I also ended up having 1 1/2 PB&J’s (this was my stress eating) for a total of 9 points.

2712 009

I used 4 weekly points for a serving of Hot Fudge Pudding Cake.

2712 010

And I am going to finish the week off within my points. Now that’s a victory!


  1. oh god! how good does that chocolate cake look!!! yummmmmmmmmmmy!!
    Action flicks are not that bad. Hope he chooses old ones - try convincing him for die hard series :), they are my fav!
    I've had a good week, weight wise, but having a slight hiccup with my knee. (details on the blog)

  2. Oh bummer on the car trouble! Sorry! At least you still ate at home and on plan. Way to go for ending your week within your points! Awesome! Best wishes for scale love tomorrow. :)

  3. Sounds like an exhausting day! Hope your car gets fixed soon! and well done for not just eating all day!

  4. Sorry about your car :-(

    Exercise is the one thing I seem to do consistently but my eating gets out of hand most of the time. I just tell myself if it sucks too much, do a shorter workout. Yesterday was one of those days and I ended up getting over 5 miles on the treadmill done. Once I start, I usually don't want to stop.

  5. So sad about your car. I hear you on the always cleaning. It's like laundry - it just never stays finished. Great looking food - especially that cake!

  6. I hope your weigh in today is good. I love the kitty picture.

    If you come up with a great plan for making exercise happen more, please share. I would love to go to classes five days a week but that is too expensive. As soon as it warms up, I'll walk a little more. Always planning, sometimes doing. Sigh.

  7. Oh God...the cleaning bit...I swear to everything holy that I feel like ALL I do is clean. I can't STAND the house to be messy. It drives me bonkers and makes me edgy. I never stop cleaning. EVER! Yesterday, my cleaning compromised my workout, too. least I'll die with a clean house, right? :)

  8. I totally with you about the cleaning bit :) Does it ever end!

    I haven't worked out today too and am so ashamed of it :(

  9. Bummer about the car Alissa. GRRR! I laughed out loud at the cartoon!!! LOVE IT!!! Also love the picture of your kitties. They're BEAUTIFUL!!!! (the tabby almost looks like he's smiling for the camera! funny) Have a great Wed. Take care.

  10. vehicles can be such a headache!!

    and i'm w/ya on the love for PB...i could just take the jar & spoon and chow down!! SO dangerous!! ;)

    Oh and just wait till you have kids...the whole cleaning thing gets put on the back burner!!

  11. What a bummer about the car! LOVE that picture of your cats. Too cute!



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