Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Beautiful Day!

I had been looking forward to today since I found out that the weather was forecasted to be in the 60’s! And on my day off. I couldn’t ask for anything better. As soon as I found out, I planned my long run for today and couldn’t wait for today! And when I woke up, the sun was shining in the windows and I knew it was going to be a good day.

For breakfast, I made an omelet with 3 egg whites, one egg (only because the yoke broke and fell in lol), FF cheese, and turkey along with skim milk and a bowl of blackberries and kiwis (kind of an odd combo).

5612 001

And for once, my omelet turned out right!! They always fall apart when I put them on my plate. See, it really was going to be a good day!

I had a few goals in mind today: the run, cleaning the house, cleaning out my clothes drawers, and finishing a book for a review I needed to post today.

I got started on cleaning the house, doing laundry and washing dishes (or at least loading and unloading the dishwasher…let’s not get too carried away here).

And then I sat down with a cup of coffee with Almond Joy creamer to finish reading my book.

5612 002

You can read the review and enter the giveaway here.

I was feeling a little hungry and wanted to run before I ate lunch, so I ate a banana to help keep me energized.

5612 003

I just love bananas. Too bad they have to be about 100 calories each!

And then I headed out for the much anticipated run! I scheduled my long run for the Jeff Galloway 10k training program for today. I ran 2 miles straight in 25 minutes and walked home the rest of the way for a total of 2.38 miles in 32:45. I am not even going to lie, that run was brutal. I wanted to quit running so many times. But thankfully, I had some good new music to listen to! So Kelly Clarkson’s lyrics, “What doesn’t kill you makes your stronger, stand a little taller…What doesn’t kill you makes a fighter”, helped push me along. And I burned 534 calories, which makes it all worth it.

For lunch, I ate tuna with light Miracle Whip, Sesame Flat Bread crackers with laughing cow cheese and a sliced tomato on top, and leftover Asian Sesame Chicken Salad.

5612 004

And I was CRAVING strawberries, so I thought it best to eat some. I ate 1 cup of them.

5612 005

After lunch, I cleaned the house so it is at least presentable. And then I sat down and relaxed for a while. I sat outside in the porch, enjoying the nice weather, and talked to my Mom on the phone. It turned out to be 70 degrees today!!! SO NICE!

I sipped on some Gevalia White tea with Pear.

5612 006

I was craving something sweet, so I had a dark chocolate Adora Calcium Supplement disc.

5612 007

Have you entered the giveaway for these yet?

And then I finished the last item on my agenda, cleaning out my clothes drawers. I filled about half a box with more clothes to take to the consignment store, and my drawers are looking much better! Why does that statement just make me laugh…lol

My sister called me after that, so I got to sit out in the porch again and talk to her. It’s always nice to have some time to have a real conversation once in a while!

I decided to make something completely new for supper tonight. The prepped foods looked pretty and so colorful!

5612 008

I made Chicken and Peanut Curry for supper. I found this recipe in the March 2012 Nutrition Action Healthletter. I was intrigued by the ingredients and I have actually never had curry before.

5612 011

I served this with a side of low fat cottage cheese and freshly brewed iced tea which I added freshly squeezed lemon to.

5612 010

And to finish it up, I had FF/SF vanilla pudding and light whipped topping.

5612 012

It’s still in the 60’s outside, which is remarkable. Hubby and I were going to go for a walk, but I’m just worn out and tired now and so is he. So I think we’ll stay in for the night…but the good news is, the temps are supposed to remain in the 40’s for the rest of the week and in the 60’s tomorrow but with rain. Spring is on the way!

BTW, I needed to buy kale for a recipe I am making this week and the grocery store did not have it clearly marked. So I bought what I thought looked like kale…but I’ve never bought it or eaten it before. lol Is this kale? If not, what is it?

5612 013

Here’s how I did today:

Daily calorie budget
Food calories consumed
Exercise calories burned
Net calories so far today
I can eat 685 more calories today

So that means I could eat a 151 calorie snack before even going into the calories I burned while running today. I’m not really all that hungry, which is amazing. I’ll probably be ravishingly hungry tomorrow…just wait!

I’m very happy with today again. I ate very healthy. And that’s a good feeling. Smile

I’m looking forward to WI day tomorrow and hoping for a nice loss!


  1. I'm the same way with cravings. If I'm craving something, I make sure I have a bite or two. It satiates me and keeps my mind off of it :) Moderation is so key.

    Love your meals!

  2. I don't that is kale. Kale has a bigger and darker leaf It looks like escarole maybe?

    I love curry. Heck - I love lots of Indian food!

  3. Almond Joy creamer sounds waaay too good. ;) I love the idea of a calcium supplement as a little treat!

  4. It was a B-E-A-utiful day today! I loved every minute of it! I love when I can go outside for a walk, makes me so much happier!!

    Mallory @ Faith. Fashion. Beauty.

  5. Your curry looks delicious! I agree with what was said before - I don't think that's kale! Kale should be darker and thicker with a more prominent stalk.

  6. looks like arugala to me. Very nice scrambled with eggs!! :)

  7. I'm so glad to hear about your drawers. LOL Your omelet does look nice! I always had trouble, too. Lately, I've noticed if I cook my omelet on a lower setting on the stovetop, closer to low, it takes longer but turns out nicer! Maybe that's the problem???? I'm having better luck anyway. Looks like a great day!

  8. Love the great weather we're having!!

    Good job on your eats today!! And I'm no help on whether thats kale or not...never had it before!

  9. HI Alissa, Hmmm...don't think that is kale. Or if it is, its a different variety than I've ever seen. The curliness of the leaf ends could be...but usually the leaves are bigger and darker. Hmm..keep us posted!!! And yay for the great day!!!

  10. Kale is normally a very "flat" color as well, no sheen to it at all. This looks much too translucent as kale is also very dense and cooks well. Sorry - but gratz on the great day!

  11. Check this out for a great Kale photo and recipe...

  12. Sorry - that didn't work out...UGH

  13. No worries- I can see it! Thanks! :)

  14. Great job on the run today!!!! Your curry looks tasty! And another vote for escarole. I recently discovered the greatness of Kale - so many awesome, filling, low cal recipes with it out there!

  15. It looks like Arugula to me!

  16. Rachel @ run50states
    these recipes look amazing! i'm going to try the cheese on crackers with tomatos... great snack!



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