Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Day With My Mom and Supper With My Dad

I got to sleep in a little later this morning, which is always nice. I wish I could say that I pulled a muscle while training for a marathon, but in reality I just pulled a muscle while I was sleeping last night. So I had this pain up my side that made it hard to even move my leg, so it was nice to stay in bed a little longer! The pain subsided throughout the day though. I had planned to run this morning, but that didn’t happen!

For breakfast this morning, I had Egg Beaters with Laughing Cow on toast along with strawberries and blueberries with skim milk.

3112 001

And then I straightened the house a little so that it was presentable.

And then I was off to pick up my Mom for a day together. She is in town with my Dad on business. I don’t get to see her all that often, so I was looking forward to a day together!

On the way there, I sipped some coffee with Almond Joy creamer.

3112 002

My mom came with me to the consignment store for another appointment. They took 15 items from me. Yay! I should start earning some cash soon.

And then we ran a few errands and did a little shopping. My Mom bought me a pair of Maurice’s capris at the consignment store. They look brand new. They don’t fit quite yet, but it’s something for me to work towards! I’ve never bought anything too small yet, so this will be an incentive for me. Thanks, Mom!

For lunch, we ate at Panera Bread. I had my usual You Pick 2 with broccoli cheddar soup, Asian sesame chicken salad, and a whole grain baguette.

3112 003

And then we came home and relaxed! We drank coffee and ate a Starbucks Birthday Cake Pop. This was my first time trying one of these. It was pretty tasty! I thought it was lower in calories than 170 though. But that’s not terrible for a delicious dessert either.

3112 004

I picked up that mug earlier this week at the consignment store for only .99! SCORE! I’ve been wanting one of those and you can bet they’re not .99 at Starbucks!

I was telling my mom about the Adora calcium supplements because she has osteopenia, so I had to try one with her. Milk chocolate this time.

3112 005

Remember to stay tuned for that review and giveaway coming up!

We had a nice and relaxing day at home, talking in the living room in our jammies. I spent the afternoon submitting applications for three different jobs. It’s so time consuming! So wish me luck!

My dad joined us for supper tonight too! It was nice to have my mom and dad at our place. Thanks for coming!

For supper, I made lasagna (which I vegged up with spinach), a side salad with FF French, and cheddar and herb biscuit.

3112 006

For dessert, I had FF/SF chocolate pudding, 2 Thin Mints and more coffee. I know, THREE times today!

3112 007

After my parents left, I hopped on the bike for 40 minutes. I biked 10.2 miles and burned 297 calories. That’s a lot further and a lot more calories than usual!

I could have eaten a little healthier today, but today was a rarity and I enjoyed it! So here are my nutrient stats:

Fat 62.6g 29.6%
Saturated Fat 29.8g  
Cholesterol 168.6mg  
Sodium 3,668.2mg  
Carbohydrates 203.7g 42.7%
Fiber 20.5g  
Sugars 89.9g  
Protein 131.9g 27.7%

Those numbers aren’t where I want them to be on a daily basis. I did get in a lot of protein today though, overall. I aim for 105 grams. WAY too much sodium and OBVIOUSLY a lot of sugar.

Here’s how I did:

Daily calorie budget
Food calories consumed
Exercise calories burned
Net calories so far today
I can eat 262 more calories today

Whoohoo! That’s a deficit for the day! I was actually over a few calories after supper and decided I would get a workout in to make up for it.

Overall, I’m happy for staying on plan. Open-mouthed smile


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful visit with your parents! I love motivation clothes :)

    Great job tracking!

  2. In a few days you'll be used to the new plan and it will be easier. We shop the thrift shops too. :)

  3. so impressed with your motivation!!
    working out AFTER they left? :)


  4. I bought a pair of medium capris from Old Navy as incentive, I can't wait to wear them!!! Have a great weekend :)




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