Saturday, March 31, 2012

First 4 Mile Run: Pushing Farther

I planned to go running at about 10 AM but that didn’t happen. I was battling myself in my head.

You can’t do this.

It’s hard enough for you to just run a 5K. How are you EVER going to run any farther than that.

Maybe running isn’t for you. Find a different sport.

But I really wanted this. I wanted to be able to run farther than that 5K distance, the farthest I had ever run before. I wanted it so bad I could taste it.

So I drank a Propel Zero and prepared myself to at least give it a try. It took me until almost 2 PM to find the courage.

I told hubby, “This should take me about an hour. I hope I can do it. Here goes.”

And off I went.

How am I ever going to do this?

Just Slow and Steady, Alissa.

Slow and Steady wins the race.

The weather was perfect for running. Cloudy with a little breeze.

But I don’t have to be SLOW. I want to at least finish at a faster pace than my WALKING pace. I AM running, none the less.

So my mantra changed.

Strong and Steady, Alissa. Strong and Steady. You can do this!

2 Miles in, half way done.

Remember when you could barely run 12 feet? Now look at you!

And somewhere at around 2.5 miles, I found some place in my mind where I could think about other things besides my breathing, how my body hurt, and how much farther I had to go. I hope to be able to tap into that place again!

Before I knew it, I was at 3.45 miles.

Wow, I just passed up 3.1 miles and didn’t even notice it! I’ve never run this far before!

Imagine—with every single step I’m taking, I’m running farther than I’ve ever run before!

What a great feeling!

Strong and Steady, You can do this, Alissa!

I bet I could even run 5 miles. Shoot, I KNOW I could run a 10K!

And at 49 minutes and 37 seconds I ran 4 miles at a 12:23 pace. For me, that’s really good! Remember, I was anticipating it taking me an hour.

You did it!

You can do anything.


Today, I ran 4 miles. And while that distance may not seem insurmountable to many of you. It pushed me past my limits. Farther than I have ever gone before.

33110 010

(after my 4 miles. Happy. Red Faced. Proud.)

It makes me wonder what else I can do if I put my mind to it.

And that, my friends, is exciting.

33110 011

(another run crossed off my training plan!)

And on to the next goal…


  1. Congratulations on achieving your goal! I think so much of running is mental. Great job!!

  2. That is the greatest feeling huh? Glad you made it! You CAN do anything...

  3. You CAN do anything! Great job!

  4. Congratulations! I swear we are our worst enemies sometimes. Good job pushing through and challenging yourself!!

  5. You are amazing! What a great post!

  6. You go girl. Congratulations.

  7. Way to go! Sometimes getting out the door is the hardest part.

  8. You are so awesome! I'm super proud of you SIS. You can no doubt run a 10k and beyond. Training, its just that. We can't just go run without practice!!! Good work today.

  9. Awesome!! You've got it girl!! Way to go!! You look fab in the post run pic :)

  10. Yea for you!!! I feel good (most of the time) at that 2.5 mile mark, too. :) I am so proud for you. I have run 4 miles twice-1 felt good and 1 almost killed me. LOL!

    I'm planning on running 3.75 tomorrow. I'm doing a 10k training plan so that I can run 6 miles-NOT run in a 10k race. :)

    It's time for you to pat yourself on the back! :)


  11. Woohoo! 4 miles seems like a whole lot to me! With my knees and ankles, I can't ever seem to get past 3 miles WALKING, and haven't even made it past 2 miles this go-round. Awesome. I think you look good for just going 4 miles, too! LOL Congrats!

  12. WOW! That's amazing - well done! I'm just starting out running, and at the moment I struggle to run for a minute. You've given me some great inspiration to keep at it. Thank you!

  13. Love this!!!! Congratulations Alissa!!

  14. WooHoo!!! That's awesome Alissa. Great pace too. You've come a far way and you should be PROUD!!!! i'm so happy for you, surpassing your expectations is so rewarding! Keep at it, I have no doubt you can do a 10K, the game is mostly mental. You're strong!!!

  15. I love it! I highlight my runs as I complete them too. It's that feeling of accomplishment. You ROCK!
    ❀ Paige
    Finding Joy in the Journey



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