Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Run and a Attempting Flan

Yesterday evening I got hungry and snacked a bit more than usual. I counted every bite (we’re not talking bingeing here) and I’m still at a deficit for the week (Monday-Sunday), so that’s good! The more I think about it, I realize that while I might categorize my eating on a daily basis, but my body doesn’t really know the difference. For example, I worked out pretty hard on Tuesday, but didn’t eat any more than usual. So come Wednesday, I’m hungry. Imagine that! It’s all about understanding the body. Now today, I felt less hungry again.

I woke up to the sun shining in my window, a nice breeze drifting through the screens, and birds happily chirping outside. That’s a nice way to wake up!

For breakfast, I attempted an egg white omelet with turkey and cheese, but it was a flop. So I called it a scramble. I also ate 1 cup of berries and skim milk.

31512 001

Egg whites are so low in calories! I knew they were always low in points, but I guess I never put two and two together. Yes, I am dumb sometimes. Winking smile

And then it was time to conquer today’s project. Cooking. Tonight was our monthly Ladies Night and the theme was Mexican Food. I had also promised hubby that I would make banana bread this week.

I was in the middle of my baking when my boss called and asked me if I could work any hours today. So offered to work a few.

While working, I sipped on coffee with Almond Joy creamer.

31512 003

I made sure to dress in my running clothes so that I would be ready to go right when I was done working. I decided that scheduling that run for myself in my day was important, so I stuck to it.

I also made up a quick lunch to eat at my desk while I was working. I made a sandwich with light wheat bread, turkey, Swiss, lettuce and light Miracle Whip along with some carrots.

31512 002

When I was done working, I headed outside for a run. It was 73 degrees, pretty wind still, with a hot sun burning down. It felt awesome to get my sweat on. Today’s plan was a 25 minute run—I ran 2 miles straight, and then walked for a total of 2.52 miles in 35:05. That really got my heart pumping and it took quite a while to get it back down under 100! I guess that was a good workout! I burned 457 calories. See how sweaty I was? But happy!

31512 013

Not to sound all weird. But one of my favorite parts about losing weight and the changes I see in my body are my clavicles. I love having clavicles! lol It’s the simple things…Winking smile

I was so thirsty by the time I got home from that hot sun! I added some of this to my water:

31512 004

I really like this stuff and I think it helps a lot. I especially like it BEFORE a run because I have noticed I don’t get as thirsty and tired as quickly. And I also didn’t end up with a headache this afternoon…which I often do after exertion like that.

And then I gave myself permission to sit down and read some blogs and rest a while. I was looking for some upcoming 5K’s in the area and one of them that I really wanted to do was closed due to too many participants. This one actually had an Athena division, where you can compete with other women over 150 lbs. for a separate division. I’d love to be ranked among similar women. Oh well, maybe next year! Although maybe I’ll be less than 150 lbs. by then!! Winking smile

While resting, I ate a piece of the banana bread I made. As you can see, it’s more of a fluffy bread, not dense like banana bread usually is. It was pretty good! At 172 calories per slice, it probably wouldn’t be something I’d make often though.

31512 015

I also ate an apple with PB.

31512 016

Yum! I have missed that snack!

I got caught up on the blogs I follow up through yesterday…so I made a little progress! But I needed to get to work on my Baked Chicken Taquitos for Ladies Night.

31512 018

And it worked out perfectly because hubby got home exactly when they came out of the oven, so he had his supper.

I also made flan today. This is only the second time I’ve made it. I think it turned out pretty well! I can’t wait to try it out!

31512 017

So there ya have it! I’m looking forward to a little socializing with the ladies tonight. I have 648 calories left , not counting exercise calories that I earned. The good news is that I know one piece of flan is 122 calories and one chicken taquito is 100 calories. I think they’ll also be serving tacos, which are easy to watch calories on if you load it up with veggies.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!


  1. Are those the taquitos on your recipe page? Just wondering because my MIL asked for the Perfect Roasted Potatoes recipe. So I browsed and found the taquitos and the spinach chicken pizza and was going to tell you that you should make those items again! They look good! And today I see taquitos on your pics. :) I have also been meaning to tell you I notice my omelets turn out much better when I start them out on a way lower temp in the skillet. It takes longer, but it seems to do the trick for me. Maybe you should try it. Enjoy the ladies night!

  2. Those taquitos look awesome! I really need to get some good mexican styled recipes and this sounds like something I'd like. Thanks for the idea!

  3. You had a GREAT day!! I like your clavicles and hope to get mine back soon! :) I've never even cooked an egg white-only the whole egg-but since you mentioned the lower calories, I'm going to try it! :)


  4. I agree that the little things make me happy too. :) I'm always loading up with vegetables because they are low calorie and I love them! Happy St. Patrick's Day, Alissa.

  5. seems like your attitude has really changed with counting calories!! It seemed like you never really gave your 100% with counting points and that it didn't bother you too much... now you seem so self aware and mindful of what your eating and always looking to make the right choice!! Awesome job : ) keep it up and you should see some awesome results



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