Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sharing my Journey

I just have to say that I feel so good. My body feels smaller than ever. I even had a bunch of comments are work yesterday, which is weird after only a week on this new plan! I love to hear feedback that verifies I am making progress. Smile

For breakfast this morning, I had 1/2 serving of oatmeal with 1/2 cup of strawberries, an egg, and skim milk.

3812 001

I wanted to get my last run of the week out of the way this morning. I had to run 20-25 minutes. On those days, I do allow myself to walk if I need to. When I run on the treadmill, I always do a 5 minute warm up and cool down walk. So I ended up running 15 minutes straight and walking 10 minutes. I went 1.5 miles and burned 394 calories.

And I felt SO good afterwards. It was a really good workout and I was covered in sweat! A great way to start my day!

I’m doing well on my Jeff Galloway plan for the week. I do each workout whatever day that I want to. So I have to cross train tomorrow to complete week 1!

3812 002

While working, I sipped on coffee with Almond Joy creamer.

3812 003

On my break, I ate raw almonds.

3812 004

I couldn’t believe it when I saw this when I walked outside today:

3812 010

Can you believe that?! Isn’t this a little early for tulips? It makes me happy that spring is near, but I hope it doesn’t freeze and kill them!

For lunch, I ate wraps made with small Mission Carb Balance tortillas, Swiss and spinach along with a side salad with lettuce, spinach, tomato and FF Western.

3812 005

Yummy! I was trying to use up the spinach that was on it’s way out.

I was craving something sweet, so I ate an Adora Dark Chocolate Calcium supplement. I am amazed at how these meet my sweets craving. I think part of it is knowing they’re supplements and I shouldn’t eat more than one.

3812 006

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

Once I was done working, I got my things ready for a doctor’s appointment. This was my 30 day check up after being on my new BP meds. I have lost 7 lbs. since my last checkup. As you may remember, she really motivated me last time I was there and I kind of got my butt in gear since then. That made me feel good!

She made some more changes with my BP meds. I will now be on two meds because I have gotten a lot of headaches since she took me off of my previous BP medication, and it turns out that the medication I was on is often prescribed for migraine headaches. I have had a lot of headaches my entire life. So she’s putting me on a combination of the new med. and the old one. So hopefully that means lower BP and less headaches! I will go back in another 30 days. I’m really impressed with her desire to get this figured out and keep checking back. My last doctor gave me meds and threw me out the door. Did I mention I really like my new doctor? Smile

I was hungry late afternoon and while I had already eaten an egg for breakfast, I just couldn’t get boiled eggs off of my mind. I was CRAVING a boiled egg. So I ate one.

3812 008

And a boiled egg has never tasted so heavenly. Who KNOWS what that was about? lol. Ever have odd cravings?

And then I kept myself busy by doing laundry, dishes, and preparing for supper.

I made baked blue hake, steamed sweet potatoes and green beans, lentils with vinegar and a glass of iced tea with freshly squeezed lemon.

3812 011

Such a delicious and healthy supper. I chose the right color plate to go with those sweet potatoes!

For dessert, I made a box of Jell-O Temptations—Chocolate Mousse Decadence topped with light whipped topping. I actually picked this up on clearance at Target a while ago and had never tried it before.

3812 012

I can honestly say that this was so delicious that if given the choice between this or the French silk pie that I ate last weekend, I would choose this. It was that good. Not to mention about 1/4 of the calories! I made this with skim milk and only made 6 servings vs. the 8 on the box, and it comes out to 122 calories. Not so bad for something so rich and tasty! I want to try to the other flavors now.

So how did I do today?

Daily calorie budget
Food calories consumed
Exercise calories burned
Net calories so far today
I can eat 645 more calories today

I just realized that my calorie budget went down slightly since I lost more weight. That’s manageable though. Prior to today, I also have a 878 calorie deficit for the week, in addition to today’s deficit.

I am going to aim for eating my calorie budget each day and not less than that. If I want to eat exercise points, I will. But I will probably save most of them for some kind of planned indulgence on the weekend. Something worth it, like a cupcake at my favorite cupcakery, or our weekly dinner out. My philosophy is that if I eat it, I burn it. Plain and simple. I have to stay within my calorie budget. It’s very simple math, actually.

Hubby has been working with me on eating healthy snacks in the evenings. Our snack of choice lately has been in shell pistachios. I enjoy them and I am satisfied after eating them.

What you see on my blog is not always ALL that I eat for the day. I often eat a snack in the evening, but not always. But I do want you to know that what I eat gets tracked. Whether it’s at a time when I’m reporting to my blog or not. I admit, I’ve had my bad weeks before, but the majority of them, I have tracked what I have eaten. I’m not about trying to trick myself into thinking I’m eating healthier than I actually am. I am honest with myself. And that’s really all that matters.

My main purpose in putting myself out here on this blog is to show others that struggles with weight loss and food are so common. I hope that you can relate to me and my journey. I hope that you can learn both from my successes and my failures alike. I want nothing more than for more people to find the happiness that I have found by learning to take control of my health and my life.

So thank you for sharing this journey with me. For standing by my side and for cheering me along. We can make this world a healthier and happier place by just doing the best that we know how and always seeking to learn a little more each day and keep making changes to improve. Stay positive and stay strong. There is a power in positivity.

Ok, so just wearing my heart on my sleeve today! Smile 

Have a good one, tomorrow’s Friday!!


  1. Good looking eats today!

    Your tulips will be fine. They can take a few snaps of frost. It's getting near springtime!

  2. Spring is not far away as my calendar says Tuesday the 20th is first day of spring. I'm glad you are doing so well on your food and exercise. The numbers will follow!

  3. You're doing so well! :) Awesome!

  4. Those tulips are hardy and a sign of a new beginning. Kind of fitting, isn't it?

  5. Spring is almost here, Easter, shorts .... :)

  6. Alyssa, in response to your question, I am taking Omega 3 fish oil, folic acid and garlic.

  7. slipped back into WW and said "points." LOL. just joking. Good job on sticking with it.

  8. What a great post. Sounds like this is such a great, fresh new start!!! Maybe the refresh of the tulips is symbolic. (or maybe I've just got an overactive imagination) Have a wonderful Friday.

  9. I loved this post and all your positivity :) Great job on your workouts! I'm glad you're enjoying your new dr. that is always a good feeling.



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