Monday, March 26, 2012

Shorter Post

I hope that you had a good weekend. I did!

For breakfast this morning, I ate an egg on sourdough bread along with a banana and skim milk.

32612 001

I found a local discounted bread store and have gotten such good deals there! I saw this sourdough and had to give it a try. So good.

When I tracked my food this morning, I earned another badge on Lose It! “You have earned the Dedicated badge! You have logged every day for at least 4 weeks.”


This morning I biked 7.1 miles in 30 minutes on my recumbent bike. I burned 170 calories. Today is my cross training day. I finished up week 3 of my 10K training program yesterday by running a 5k distance. This is the week that scares me because I have to run 4 miles! Yikes! I’ve never run that far.

While working, I sipped on my coffee with Almond Joy Creamer. The fridge is restocked!

32612 003

The morning was busy and a bit stressful. I try to keep reminding myself that many of these things that can stress me out are trivial in the scheme of things. Work, money… they’re just THINGS. There’s much more to life.

On my break, I ate a Chobani Pineapple Greek Yogurt.

32612 004


For lunch, I ate a salad with lettuce, tomato, turkey, a hard boiled egg, blue cheese and light ranch.

32612 005

I finished it up with a diet soda cupcake with Jell-O whipped cream frosting.

32612 008

Mmmm So good!

On my last break, I was craving something a little sweet. And while not the best choice, I ate a 100 calorie pack. It was tasty though!

32612 012

I’m going to have to call it a night because I have guests coming for supper and won’t be able to take photos, etc. But I have chicken marinating in the fridge to grill. Yummy! I have 627 calories left for the day not counting any exercise.


  1. I just love sourdough! I like to spray it with FF spray butter and "grill" it in a skillet on both sides before topping it with stuff (turkey bacon, egg, cheese). I haven't done that in forever and really need to again! Got my book today - yay!

  2. Mmmmm...Chobani pineapple greek yogurt is my favorite! And after Easter, I have to try the diet soda cupcakes. I've seen them show up on many blogs lately, and they just look so good. (Especially now, since I gave up sweets for lent, lol)

    Good luck with the running! :)

  3. That Chobani flavor is one of my favorites - like a pina colada!

  4. Just a word of advice, you may want to get your cholesterol checked as you eat quite a lot of eggs. I've been getting blood work done regularly to keep my blood sugar levels in check and that has now stabilised but my doctor has found that my cholesterol has increased steadily in the last 6 months and that's due to eating more eggs as I don't eat greasy foods or food rich in fats.



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