Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sweaty Bands Review and a 5K Sunday

I hate it when my hair gets in my face when I’m working out. I’ve bought headbands before but they never stay on when I’m working out, so I end up taking them off about 2 minutes into the workout.

Enter Sweaty Bands.

They are girly. They are tough. They don’t slide off of my big head mid-workout. Mission accomplished.

Sweaty Bands sent me a couple of their headbands to try out and review.

SweatyBands 021

I was very excited to see if they really did meet the claims they made and didn’t slip. They’re made with a felt backing to keep them from slipping.

SweatyBands 023

And it does the trick! Not only that, but they’re really cute! I REALLY want this one, for example. A sparkly pink one. So me, right? SmileI know!

The first one I tried out playing a little one on one basketball with the hubby.

31912 003

Kept the hair out of my face. With all of my moving about, I did reposition it once, but that’s totally acceptable to me based on how much I was moving around.

The second one, I tried out while running the 5k route in my town today. Here’s an example of what it looked like before the run:

SweatyBands 009

SweatyBands 011

And 3.1 miles later. I didn’t touch it once:

SweatyBands 014

SweatyBands 018

Totally kept the hair out of my face, making it MUCH more enjoyable.

Check out their store! They have so many styles and patterns to chose from! There are quite a few locations that sell the Sweaty Bands so you might be able to pick them up locally. Or order online.

During the run, I kept joking with hubby that I was going to lay down under a tree along the way and rest. lol. But I kept going!

I did, however, collapse under OUR tree when we were done!

SweatyBands 013

SweatyBands 015

Ahhhhh. It was a beautiful day today! Can you believe how green the grass is for March!?

SweatyBands 020

And updated photos from my flower beds. The flowers are so pretty right now!

SweatyBands 004

SweatyBands 005

SweatyBands 007

I hope you’ve had a fabulous weekend!

Have you ever tried Sweaty Bands?


  1. I have never tried them but have heard a lot of good things about them! normally when I do any kind of cardio my hair gets everywhere!! I also hate little flyaways do you notice that these even hold those back?

  2. I think I'm going to have to invest in one of those :)

  3. You look super cute in those sweaty bands Alissa. That's a great review. WOW...those spring flower look so pretty. Bring on the warmer weather. Have a terrific week.

  4. I have a sweaty band and I LOVE it! It really stays in place!

  5. I haven't tried these yet. Thanks for the review! It looks like spring is in full force at your house!

  6. I love my sweaty bands. I have read a lot about them on the blogworld and invested in one last summer. Then I bought one at the Toronto Marathon Expo.
    They are great they don't slip off. Nothing fits on my head properly. I mean nothing. I have tried them all. And best part about them, they are fashionable!!

  7. I wear a similar type of bands and I love them! Your flowers look beautiful!

  8. I love Sweaty Bands! I recommended them recently to a blogger - I thought it was you, but maybe not. LOL

  9. Off to check out their store right now, I need something cute that will stay in place!!


  10. Those are so super cute!! You could totally wear them when you're not working out!! Got my laces today - thanks! Mallorys jealous :)

  11. i love my sweaty bands! i totally thought they wouldn't stay in place but they do and I wear them constantly

  12. The orange band looks so nice on you!! :)

  13. I've never tried them, but will definitely look into them!

    Good job on your 5k route Sunday!

    Your flowers are beautiful!!




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