Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Weigh in Day and Motivated Again

I woke up this morning feeling MUCH better than yesterday. My body felt rested and not so sore and tired. I was glad to have my motivation back!

As I’ve been indicating was going to happen for a few days, the scale was up this morning for weigh in day. I weighed in at 206, which is a 2.1 lb. gain for the week.

I did the math and I had a deficit of 4,972 calories this week. One thing I don’t like about Lose It is that you cannot set your weeks, only M-F, when my weeks run Wed.-Tues. So it kind of slipped by me that I ate 278 more calories within that time because it always showed a deficit. But regardless of that, it would still equate to a 1.4 lb. loss for the week, had my body cooperated!

In summary, I did the right thing this week. My FitBit only gave me calories for which I burned over and above my BMR and some days I didn’t even burn that much WITH exercise, so I didn’t get to eat those extra calories. I did, however, eat my exercise calories, above my BMR rate, in addition to the 278 mistaken calories. So I think I will need to find the balance of how many exercise calories I can eat and still lose weight. Obviously, I should not eat mistaken calories and will do a better job tracking the week as I go. I have submitted feedback to Lose It to offer the option to change weeks based on weigh in days. Hopefully the weight comes off quickly now that I’m feeling better physically too! Maybe my body is just holding on to fluid. I’m hoping! We will find out next week!

For breakfast, I ate an egg along with 1/2 cup oatmeal with strawberries and a glass of milk.

32112 002

After hubby left for work, I hopped on the treadmill for my planned run. Today I needed to complete 25-30 minutes. I ran 1.36 miles and had to stop to use the bathroom (how inconvenient), but got right back on and ran 2 miles total in a little over 25 minutes. I walked the rest for 30 minutes total- 2.2 miles. I burned 411 calories. Running on the treadmill is SO tough. I would much rather go outside! But I did it. Mission accomplished.

I forgot how good it feels to workout first thing in the morning. Well, when I’m DONE working out that is. It’s a bit brutal WHILE working out in the morning. Winking smile

I had my usual coffee and creamer.

32112 003

On my first break, I ate 1/2 serving of raw pecans.

32112 004

For lunch, I made a pizza with a Flat Out topped with turkey, spinach and onions. WOW. This was SOOOO good.

32112 005

I also had a side salad with lettuce, tomato and light Caesar dressing.

32112 006

And finished it up with FF/SF chocolate pudding.

32112 007

I was craving a little something sweet on my break, so I ate an Adora Dark Chocolate calcium supplement.

32112 008

I ended up working late tonight, on a night where we are rushed for time anyways to get to our weekly bible study. Hubby had supper ready for us when I finally signed out. What a LIFESAVER! I am so lucky to have a hubby like him!

He made his famous creamed beef over toast and even scooped out the squash I had in the oven!

32112 009

Mmmm! Comfort food!

I actually have 451 calories left for the day. I still need to burn 75 calories before any exercise calories will be applicable. That will definitely happen by just normal movements throughout the rest of the evening so it will be nice to have a deficit for the day! But it doesn’t look like I’ll be needing those extra calories to eat today!

I’m so happy to be feeling better! Something just hasn’t been right the past few days and it’s good to be feeling good again!


  1. Alissa, I used to use the Polar F7 to track calories burned, my trainer, doctor and I all arrived at it giving to high estimates of burns. Something about body temperature... I can't remember what but there's some algorithm that goes into calculating burn that the Polar can't do as it only goes by heart rate. Once I tweaked that, I saw tremendous sucess. And ultimately I switched to the Exerspy (similar to Body Bugg) and then I KNEW the estimates Polar was giving was too high. Hope that helps!

  2. Your Pizza does look delicious! I too don't like having to start the week on a Monday. I think of my weeks as Sunday to Saturday.

  3. I was exercising yesterday and listening to a podcast and it was all about "eating back your exercise calories". The guys seem pretty sensible so you might be interested. The podcast is Fat2Fit and the episode is #141.

  4. Great job tracking everything!

    Food looks so yummy!

  5. You are doing so good, Alissa! I sure wish some of your motivation would rub off on me! I'm so proud of you! :) MOM

  6. Hopefully that site will take your advice and make the "weeks" where you can customize. I can definitely see how that would become confusing. Glad to hear you feel better. I bet your body will let go of the extra weight now. I'm with you on the morning exercise. I LOVE how I feel after the workout and for the rest of the day! But it is hard for me to start right in to exercising because my body is more stiff and I don't seem to have the same "umph" about me. LOL

  7. I made pizza on flatout flatbread today too! It was really good! I posted about it with a pic. I am trying to figure out how the fitbit and the endomondo are syncing. I use both when I walk/run and I think I am getting double credit for calories burned because it seems so high. I try to stay right at 1200-1500 calories a day.

  8. Do you deliver? If so, we'll take two flat bread pizzas, one veggie for me, and meat for my husband! silly! Glad you feel better today Alissa!!!!

  9. Glad to hear you're feeling better! That pizza AND your hubby's creamed beef over toast looks delish! :)




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