Saturday, April 21, 2012

Competition Announcement

I am tired of basically maintaining my weight…and lately GAINING! Now that most of the craziness at work is over, I can start a challenge and set myself up for success. I am ready to GET THIS WEIGHT OFF!! I am SO ready for Onederland!

Jessica, a fellow blogger and friend of mine through blogging, and I have partnered up for a little friendly competition. We are both in very similar situations. We are within a year of age, weigh within a few lbs. of each other, and both have struggled with our weight loss lately. She has been a friend of mine on Lose It! and has been motivating to me. We recently starting texting each other to help keep on track throughout the day, and it’s so helpful! Jessica is great. So if you don’t follow her blog, go on over there and say hello!

So what’s this competition?

  • The competition runs from April 21st to June 1st.
  • Whomever loses the greatest percentage of weight by June 1st wins.
  • The loser must send the winner a prize pack of health and fitness related items valued at $40—how fun!!
  • We will not be posting our weigh ins until June 1st to keep the anticipation going.
  • We will have a little friendly competition, but in the end, we both want to see the other succeed and we will do all we can to help each other get the weight off.

So Bring it, Jessica!!

Competition Day 1 009

My starting weight:

Competition Day 1 008

And meet Jessica, who is not playing any games in this weight loss competition!


And her starting weight:


And I know you’re all hearing this song in your head right now:


May the best woman win!!!

And I hope you all will be around to cheer us both on!


  1. That is such a great idea... good luck to you both!

  2. I think it's wonderful the two of you are challenging each other :)! Good luck to both of you!

  3. Great Idea ladies! I always find I push myself the most when I'm competing. Good luck!!

  4. What an awesome idea! Competitions are always a great motivation!
    Jess is my awesome friend, so I will be cheering for her! ;-) GO JESS!

  5. A competition will definitely motivate you. Good luck and I hope you get into onederland :)

  6. How fun!! Good Luck to you both.


  7. That will be so fun for both of you! Best of luck! I guess I'm rooting for your team since I don't know her. Haha Love your "bring it" pic.

  8. Good luck!! A great way to motivate each other!!

    PS Love your "bring it" pic...too funny! :)



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