Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Day: The Good and The Bad

I had another day in at the office today, but hopefully I am doing going in for a while! There are so many more temptations outside of the house to face.

Today I attended a work luncheon where I ordered a salad, soup, and ate 1/2 of a plain sweet potato. But I also ate a dinner roll and 2 little cheesecake bites. I could have avoided the dinner roll, I suppose. But I just tried to enjoy the meal. It was a reward, and not something that comes often. And I feel I did pretty good, considering!

My worst mistake of the day was ordering a Medium BK Caramel Frappe. Who knew those were 510 calories!? HOLY MOLY! What is in that thing? It was delicious…but so not worth the calories.

I had to make a quick supper tonight, so didn’t get a chance to plan out my calories until much later. I ended up going over my calories by quite a bit today. Sad smileBut life should start settling down soon. I hope!!

The weather was beautiful today. So tonight, I headed out for a walk, but after 20 minutes I just couldn’t resist running, even though I had just eaten. I ran for 10 minutes because I had stomach cramps and had to stop. I walked 16 more minutes after that for a total of 46 minutes. I burned 372 calories, so not so bad! I’m proud of myself for getting out there. I have missed my exercise SO much. I feel a million times better when I am out there running. I hope to be more consistent again now!

So that’s where I am at!

Today I am happy and content. It’s always so good to feel like that. Like there’s hope in the future and so much to look forward to!

I hope you week is going well!


  1. You're doing great! Glad you feel happy :)

  2. You're doing great! Glad you feel happy :)

  3. I couldn't resist a dinner roll on Saturday, and also had a salad and half a baked sweet potato. Too funny. No cheesecake, though. :( But I wish! LOL I love all those heated coffee/mocha drinks and stuff, but I never have them because I always find out how loaded they are. Such a bummer. I never would've dreamed that many calories, though. Yikes!

  4. Great job getting a run in! :)

  5. Even though you went over your calories you still got out there and exercised, so good job!

  6. The caramel frap was probably loaded with TONS of caramel! Those sugary drinks always get me too.

  7. It's ridiculous how bad some of those coffee drinks are for you, especially when they don't taste like it!
    But good job staying on track and with the run!

  8. Work temptations are certainly tough and always lurking. Maybe set some "office" rules? Thanks for commenting at Foodtrainers.

  9. Those coffee houses are a calorie trap if you arent careful!!!!

  10. Hang in Alissa, I hope life settles down soon! Atta girl for getting out and getting some exercise!!!! Have a great WEd.

  11. Good for you getting out there and exercising! I'm at the beach and have done something every day so far! :)

    It's so easy to go overboard when we don't plan our meals isn't it? And it takes SO MUCH TIME to do it!

    I need to get better about planning my evening meals.




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