Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Dream Day #HAWMC

I dream about the day that I meet my goal weight, but more importantly, I dream about being able to maintain the weight. Right now this is just a dream, but hopefully, someday I will realize this dream.

Meeting my goal weight actually has very little to do with the scale but a lot to do with how I will feel. I’ve caught glimpses of how I will feel as I have lost the 80 lbs. that I’ve already lost. But to actually get to the point where I can just LIVE, not obsessing about my food and exercise, but just living a healthy life that includes healthy food and exercise. The day where all of my hard work at forming new habits finally pays off. The habits will be formed and it will seem like second nature. Kind of like how I keep wanting to live right now, which works great for maintaining, but I’m not THERE yet. I should be LOSING now, not maintaining as I seem to be doing. But that does increase my confidence that once I get to my goal, I will be able to maintain, since I am pretty good at it now.

Meeting goal weight will mean a trip to Hawaii. I’ve always wanted to visit Hawaii. I picture myself there with hubby.  Maybe going for a run on the beach. By then, running should be pretty easy for me. I picture a toned body, a smile on my face, and tan lines. The ocean breeze whipping my hair around, sweat pouring down, a look of determination on my face. I can imagine how good that run will feel someday.

Meeting goal weight means Hubby and I will be able to start a family. It makes me sad when I think that I can’t get it together for these last pounds because the longer it takes me, the longer we wait. If that doesn’t kick my butt into gear, I don’t know what will. I tend to forget the real reasons I’m trying to lose weight sometimes. I focus on how difficult it seems in the moment instead of lifting my eyes to see the goal.

I’m not waiting to start my life until goal weight. There are a million things that I will accomplish between now and the day that I meet my goal. This is not lost time. I plan on running a 10K, a half marathon, a full marathon, and I’d love to complete a triathlon. Not only that, but I can shop pretty much wherever I want now—and I LOVE that. I’m learning more and more about health and fitness as I read books and publications. I have even subscribed to health journals just because I like to read the articles on scientific research and studies. I really like learning about health!

There are some big changes happening in my life right now, which I am excited for. I will share the news once it’s a little more concrete. But I’m getting closer to my dreams! I love to write. And when I reach goal weight, I want to write a book about my journey. I toss ideas around in my head all the time. Writing and publishing a book is a dream I’ve had since I was a little girl. And I hope someday I can make that a reality!

I dream about this day. The day I meet my goal weight. Writing this post has helped me focus on my WHY again. Now to find a way to remember my WHY in every single choice I make… then maybe I will realize my dream day a lot sooner.

This post is part of a series of posts that will run through the month of April as part of the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge.

What is your dream day?


  1. Having a goal is a great idea, and none better then Hawaii! You will have a great time.


  2. Thank you for helping me remember my real reason too. This is a nice post. I love your honestly. It will make a nice book.



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