Thursday, April 12, 2012

This Morning I Looked in the Mirror… #HAWMC

This morning I looked in the mirror to see tired eyes and messy hair. I really needed my coffee. I wanted to sleep in, but worry kept me awake. But at least I woke up in time to see hubby off to work. It always makes my day go better when I get a hug and a goodbye kiss from him. Starting the day off right is super important.

I like to start my day off by drinking at least three cups of water. Often times in the morning, my body is craving water. I’m good about drinking water during the day, so by resting and fasting all night, my body is probably ready for water again. I always drink at least 8 cups of water a day and most days it is more than that.

Another important part of my morning is eating a nutritious and filling breakfast. Gone are the days when I ate Lucky Charms for breakfast. I actually can’t tell you the last time I did, which is funny because a few years ago, sugary cereals were my breakfast every morning. I’ve been eating a lot of eggs lately because they keep me full. Plus, we get farm fresh eggs from the in-law’s.

And then my coffee. I love coffee. It gives me the energy to get through my mornings. It wakes me up and makes me feel more like myself again. I often drink my coffee while reading my bible in the mornings. I get a jolt of caffeine and a little focus for my day. So when I look in the mirror, I now just see messy hair instead of tired eyes.

I admit, the first time I look in the mirror in the mornings, I really don’t even see myself. Just a quick check to make sure I haven’t developed any huge pimples over night, that I still look like me. I don’t really know what I look for. I barely even glance at myself most mornings. I’m too tired.

But my point is, start your day off right. Honestly, a good day starts the previous evening. Get to bed at a decent hour and get a good night’s sleep. It makes all the difference. Besides that, the perfect combination to start the day off, for me, is: a little time with hubby, beginning to hydrate with water, a nutritious breakfast, a good cup of strong coffee, spending some time getting close to God, and, once I wake up a little bit, looking in the mirror and telling myself it’s going to be a good day—forget the worries and just give it all you’ve got.

This post is part of a series of posts that will run through the month of April as part of the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge.

What is the perfect combination to start your day off right?

How would you finish the sentence, “This morning I looked in the mirror…”?


  1. I'll second the time with God. I do mine in the morning as well. I'm trying to start that before I do anything else because it's most important!

  2. “This morning I looked in the mirror & decided it was a no make-up kinda day."

  3. This morning, I looked in the mirror and laughed at my bed head hair. It was vertical and hilarious! My husband thought so too, so our morning started with a hearty laugh, and to me, that is a VERY good way to start the day. Hope the rest of your day goes well Alissa!!!

  4. This morning I don't think I looked in the mirror! I woke up, got dressed and made my way to the gym. :)

    I second you on the coffee- I need that extra jolt in the morning, and usually have it bright and early when I read my morning emails!

  5. I second that .. a no make up day for me too!


  6. I looked in the mirror to see tired eyes and messy hair. I really needed my coffee. I wanted to sleep in, but worry kept me awake.
    African Mango



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