Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Exercise Dilemma

I’m not liking that I’m not getting my exercise in. Not liking it one little bit. Here was my day today for example:

Up at 5 AM—time for breakfast and a shower. (This is up at 4:30 AM on days I have meetings at the office)

6 AM—Noon- Working.

Noon—1:00- Get off of work (sometimes late), tidy things up, and eat lunch.

1:30—3:00- interview and come home to get my notes organized.

3:10—4:30- To the office for paperwork.

4:30—5:30- Prepare and eat supper.

5:30—5:45- Clean up the kitchen and get ready to leave for a church meeting.

6:30—9:30- Drive to the meeting, and drive home afterwards.

And then it’s bed time!

And while I may have pockets of time in there here and there, I can’t really get all sweaty because I don’t have time for a shower before leaving again for something else.

I’m hoping that I have more days this next week where I don’t have so many things going on and I can work in a workout into my schedule. That’s my goal!

How do you fit your workouts into your busy schedule?

I used to get up early in the morning, but getting up any earlier than I do isn’t really a good idea for me because I need my sleep!


  1. I wish I had suggestions for you but I only worked part time since I started my journey and now I'm unemployed so I have all the time in the world. Good luck with working in some exercise!

  2. You definitely have a super busy day! I try to get it in when I can even if it means taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking a bit farther from the store. I try to find time on the weekends when there is more time.

  3. I have to do it in the AM or it's near impossible to get it done (especially working full-time with classes at night).

    Over the past month, I've added taking a 10 minute break in the afternoon -- I walk over to a clinic building near my office and walk up 11 flights of stairs.

  4. I'm a college students.. so, I don't have much time either, especially when it comes to finals weeks a& midterms weeks.

    But, usually, I go at night. I go every weekend (fri, sat, sun) and then once during the regular day.
    I usually go to the gym at night like.. 10-11 pm. It's the only time I can squeeze into my studying schedule.

    I guess in a way, in order to excerise, you just have to really put the effort & make time for it. because, it is really important. So, just try the best you can. Your record of exercising doesn't have to be perfect, but it just need to be somewhat consisten! :) Good luck.

  5. On days where I'm super busy and I know I can't get in a sweaty workout I just try to make sure my food is perfect. Diet trumps exercise so you can still work your plan even if you aren't doing formal exercise. I also try to be as active as possible and get in as many steps as I can.

  6. I wish I had a good suggestion for you but it seems like your schedule is pretty full and there's not really anything that you can cut out. I guess just try to walk around a little when you can. Maybe get a pedometer so you can at least make sure you're getting lots of steps in.

  7. That's basically the life of a full time worker. For a while I quit working out b/c it just wasn't how I wanted to spend my precious time outside of work but once I accepted that my evenings at home would just be gone it was all good! If I can squeeze it in the AM it's cool because I get to come home and enjoy my evenings but it's hard to get up so that doesn't always work. Other then that it basically means not getting home until about 7pm on work days. You come home, shower, eat dinner, maybe get a couple hours or so of TV/leisure time and off to bed. That's when you don't have kids. If you do....well I have no clue how working moms do it!

  8. You start work so early! Maybe try and get 30min walk in after lunch? You sound super busy though!

  9. That is a busy day... There really are no holes big enough to get a good workout in. I would say if that day you described is once in a while and not everyday just give yourself a rest day there. You seem to be running around anyway. I work a swing shift - When I work 8-4 I walk after work and when I work 4-12 I walk before work. I am sure after being at your job for a while things will settle down. Just keep eating right :)



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