Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I’d like a seedless watermelon, with seeds, please…?

This morning I lost another .8 lb. putting me at 210.6. Whoohoo!

Last night, I ended up eating 111 of my extra 1000 calories. I was really hungry by the end of the night! And I’m glad that I am allowed extra if I am hungry. This time I didn’t feel like I screwed it all up by eating over my calories.

I am no longer going to have an “official” weigh in day. Every day is going to count for losses—more inspiration to eat right every day! On days I maintain or gain, I will allow myself a week to get it back off before I count it as an official gain.

For breakfast, I ate an egg scrambled with turkey sausage, 1/2 serving of oatmeal and 1/2 of a sliced banana.

52312 001

While working, I drank an iced latte.

52312 002

On my break, I ate an apple with PB.

52312 003

I actually got off work 3 hours early today. I don’t like to do that very often, but when they offer… it’s hard to refuse!

But I was very productive!

I baked the banana bread that hubby has been asking for.

I Chopped up a SEEDLESS watermelon, which I was disgusted because it had a WHOLE LOT of seeds for being seedless!! And I paid more for it!

52312 004

I also made Bisquick Heart Smart waffles to put in the freezer.

52312 005

I packaged them two to a bag with parchment paper and put them in the freezer. They will be easy to pop in the toaster in the morning. I can’t convince myself to buy frozen waffles anymore and have been wanting to try this forever.

52312 006

I also did laundry and dishes. And even finished up my EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale Review.

I baked a butternut squash so that it’s prepared and easy to pop in the microwave.

52312 021

I kept busy to keep myself from eating!

For lunch, I made an egg salad pita with baked kale chips.

52312 019

YUM!!! I do not feel like I’m eating a serving of veggies when I eat kale chips. I feel like I’m cheating. They’re too good to be true. I could eat them for every meal. Seriously.

And finished it up with one of these:

52312 020

And then I cleaned part of the house. By that time, it was 10 minutes until about my normal work time for job #2. So I took a quick break. All of that done in the time I would have spent sitting in my chair working job #1!

I worked for a little over 2 hours. It’s amazing how fast the time goes for Job #2. I like it!

I was getting hungry and it was about that 4.5 hours after eating lunch, so I ate some of the Watermelon I had cut up earlier.

52312 022

I’m not a melon fan, but I’m trying to like it! This was actually very flavorful.

Hubby came home early because we had an appointment for life insurance. It took forever to get everything taken care of..and I was starving before that so by the time we were done with that, I was famished!!

For supper, I ate whole wheat pasta with ground beef in tomato sauce along with a side salad topped with grape tomatoes, a little cheese, and light ranch. I also had a Ciabatta roll with cheese.

52312 023

YUM! What a delicious supper!

Hubby had to go back to his job site to finish up some work, so I rode along with him so we could have some time together. While he worked, I went for a walk. It was fun to walk in a different town and see some different scenery! I walked 1.64 miles in 31 minutes.

It looks like I have 32 calories left for the day. That’s counting 1/2 of my exercise calories. I’m still hungry, so I will probably eat a small snack before bed. I also drank 15 cups of water today…and I’m still thirsty! I don't know smile

Day 3 was another good day!


  1. I stopped having a weigh in day too. Its working well for me. I am not forever obsessed about scale anymore. In stead I am counting the number of NSV's I have, The more the merrier.

    Congrats on the loss :)

    Love your glass by the way! Its so cute :)

  2. Man I need to cut my seedless watermelon now :)
    That's awesome you're back down again!!! Keep at it girl :)

  3. Great job on another good day!!

    I really need to try kale chips (pretty sure i've said that before!).

    And I think I'm going to go buy a {hopefully} seedless watermelon :)

  4. You got a lot done! If I got off work 3 hours early I would probably be lazy and read. :)

    Congrats on having 3 AWESOME days in a row!!


  5. It's a great idea to photo document your meals, not only to keep track, but also to show how yummy healthy food is :) Good thing I just ate lunch! :)

  6. You have inspired me to start blogging about my weight loss! Thank you! Found you through I'm a beta tester too :)

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