Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The New Green Smoothie Diet: Going Green Never Tasted So Good by Hilary Greenleaf—Book Review and Giveaway


I love green smoothies. I love the fact that I can get multiple servings of fruits AND veggies in one delicious drink. One of my favorite green smoothies consists of 2 oranges, 1 cup of spinach, light yogurt and crushed ice. It’s delicious! So when Hilary Greenleaf contacted me about reviewing her e-book, I was excited to see what she had to share!

First, a little about Hilary Greenleaf. She “is an author, educator, and nutritionist…and is considered America’s #1 Organic Expert”. She is a personal trainer and has also written 8 books. Needless to say, she is quite the nutrition and fitness expert.

Greenleaf does not condone only drinking green smoothies as a way to lose weight quickly, but suggests using green smoothies to detox the body and get the needed nutrients. She suggests not having an all or nothing attitude, but to incorporate green smoothies into your diet simply because they are good for your body.

There is invaluable information within this book about nutrients, what fruits or vegetables have high amounts of them, and how those nutrients benefit the body. It is really informative about nutrition.

She gives examples of smoothie recipes throughout the book. One thing that I found interesting is that she suggests keeping the smoothies as natural as possible. Just add fruits, veggies, and even spices, but stay away from added sugars and anything else, including milk and yogurt.

Throughout the e-book, Greenleaf gives tips on weight loss, detoxifying the body, increasing energy, fighting heart disease, cancer prevention, boosting the immune system, protecting against diabetes, how to improve your hair and skin, and even blender recommendations.

I found the information in this e-book useful and knowledgeable. I highly recommend it!

The book is available in PDF, iPod/iPad formats, Kindle formats. You can purchase the e-book online here.

Even better, Hilary Greenleaf has kindly offered to giveaway two copies to my readers!

How can you win?

Leave me a comment telling me what your favorite green smoothie combination is. If you’ve never tried a green smoothie, tell me what’s holding you back.

If you link to this giveaway on your blog, mention this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter, you can leave an additional comment for each letting me know, for extra entries!

Giveaway ends Sunday May 6th.


  1. My favorite green smoothie is: 1 1/2 c unsweetened almond milk, 8 ice cubes, 1/2 c frozen pineapple, 1 frozen banana, protein powder and 5 cups of raw spinach. That's my breakfast every day, love it!

  2. My favorite is 1 cup of almond milk, 1 tbsp flaxseed, 1 cup spinach, 1 banana, and 2 tbsp PB2. Yum!

  3. I have ever tried one... Going to have to finally do it!

  4. My favorite green smoothie is the one you made for us a while back. :). I shld start eating them for detox purposes. Great idea.

  5. My favorite green smoothie is 1 orange, 1 mango, and a handful of spinach, with ice and 1/4c water.

  6. I'm starting tomorrow...using spinach, banana, pineapple, orange and frz mixed fruit. I'm excited about it.

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  8. I havent made one in a long time. I used chocolate protein powder, a little peanut butter, banana, spinach, ice and milk or water. (No need to say it wasnt exactly green, lol)
    I need some new ideas for sure!

  9. I made a green smoothie once with apple, banana, parsley, spring mix, ice and water. It took a little getting used to but was actually really good!

  10. my fave green smoothie is a mix of spinach an orange and plain ff greek yogurt

  11. I have never had one but I have been wanting to try making them for a while now. Some of the recipes sound so delish!And they are healthy and filling which is awesome!



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