Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Just Running a Race

Today I finally got myself out of my chair and away from work to go for a run. It had been far too long.
I’ve been dreading an outdoor run for some time now. I know I need to go running, because I’m running a 5k next week, but I just couldn’t find the motivation.
You see, I no longer live in anonymity in my small town any more. As a writer for a small town newspaper, people know my name. They recognize me.
Gone are the days of putting aside my embarrassment of running in public and saying, “so what, I don’t know anyone anyways” and heading out the door for a run.
But I decided to come out of hiding. After all, I do have running goals.
I wore my big, black I’m a celebrity and don’t want to be recognized sunglasses, but they didn’t really help. At least I felt like I was hiding, right? Have an eye for sunglasses?
I received a whole lot of waves and friendly smiles today. I mean a lot. On every block, there was at least one it seemed. But it was ok. I told myself to be proud and give it my all. At least I was out there. And seriously Alissa, NO ONE looked at you like you were a big, giant blob running down the street. It’s all in your head.
So from now on, I’ll just pretend every outdoor run is a race. And all of those friendly, smiling people waving at me are just spectators cheering me on. Yeh, that’s how I’ll think of it from now on.
I may be the only one running the race, but guess what? I won.
I aimed for 1 mile, but looked at my GPS at what I thought was 1/2 mile, and it was only a mile! So I ran 2. 1 mile for me, and 1 mile for my buddy, Jessica. And this is how I felt when I was done. It was 82 degrees outside!!
postrun 001


  1. YAY for YOU!! You go girl! :) and btw, that is too funny about the sunglasses, doesn't work when you are known ;)

  2. Thanks for running for me! I'll eat an extra carrot for you tonight! ;-)

  3. Such a great way to look at it! I'll be running a race every time I run, too!

  4. Hey do what ever it takes to get out there. Way to go!!!

    Stay focused!

  5. Look at u ms celebrity!! Good job running. I'm sure u looked great.



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