Thursday, June 28, 2012

Personal Trainer or Dietician?

I am seriously considering hiring a personal trainer. I found a location that it will be affordable and worthwhile for me to get a membership and personal training.

I’m a little nervous about it though have put off setting up an appointment and wanted to get a little feedback from all of you out there.I’m just not sure if I’m going in the right direction by choosing a personal trainer over a dietician or whoever else.

Here are my expectations:

1. To be given a clear plan to follow. How often I should work out, and the basics of nutrition/weight loss.

2. To have questions answered in regard to how much to eat, how many calories to eat, etc.

3. To be motivated to lose the rest of my weight.

4. To find someone who will push me.

5. To find someone who has worked with someone who has lost a significant amount of weight and then stalled, for various reasons. I’d like them to be able to shed some light on what my problem might be—probably mentally.

Mostly, I want someone who can point me in the right direction and answer my questions. I want expert answers. I want to be able to trust the advice I’m given. Mostly, I want it to WORK! and I want it to be realistic. No crazy shakes or things like that for me.

Have you hired a personal trainer before? Did it help? Have you seen a nutritionist or dietician? Did it help?

I’m pretty sure I’ll be moving forward with this in the next few weeks, but I just want some feedback on what to expect!


  1. I think the PT is a good idea. It really helped me come up with a workout plan PLUS he had knowledge and skills in nutrition/diet. Check the credentials on the trainer so you know what their area of expertise is.

  2. My personal opinion is would be to get a dietician. I think that is where you need help from. I think if you get your diet in check then exercise will just fall into place.

    But like you said a lot of PT have a background in nutrition.

  3. I'm a big fan of having someone else in charge of your training program, even if you're a trainer like I am (I don't train myself). A couple of suggestions; look for semi private training (small group personal training) to cut down the cost. Start using the free app (it's not mine, so I'm not plugging my own product, I just like it a lot) The problem with trainers operating in the role as nutrition consultant, too, is that they tend to push people toward what works for them, not necessarily what is science-backed. In my opinion, nutrition is simple from a "what should I eat" perspective. We should limit our intake of processed foods and maximize our intake of fresh, organic fruits and veggies, quality meats and fish (if you eat meat), and limit intake of added sugar and processed flour products. I'm not a fan of supplements beyond maybe a high-quality protein shake from time to time, and calcium/Vitamin D for women. Just my two cents, good luck :)

  4. Pretty much every single blog I have followed where people have used trainers have been extremely successful. I say why not book a few sessions and see if it is for you?

  5. Honestly, I say therapist.

  6. My husband had a trainer for a while, and he LOVED it. Unfortunately, he got laid off from his job, so until he's working again, the PT is on hold. But he'll ABSOLUTELY go again! Have a great Friday Alissa.

  7. I have tried both in the past. The PT didn't end up being as helpful as I had hoped. The nutritionist, however, was amazing! We focused on food with walking as exercise, then once I had things down she shifted more focus on the exercise and my goals there. It was great. I ended up losing 50 pounds and was running 7 miles, 4 to 5 days a week.
    Of course, this was just my experience and everyone is going to have different results with different approaches. I wish you the best of luck in what you choose! You'll be awesome!

  8. If you have the exercise down, then go with the nutritionist. I think that is really important. 80% of the success is going to be diet. A PT may or may not know much about nutrition.

  9. As a personal trainer and someone who has lost 100lbs myself, I would definitely recommend seeing a nutritionist first. If your diet isn't good you're not going to get the results you want from training.*Some* trainers are qualified to give nutrition advice, but most are not, even if they tell you they are, and following their advice can lead to more harm than good in the long run.

  10. Diet trumps exercise so I would opt for the nutritionist.

  11. Which ever one you decide on...make sure they are good at what they do....some just stand out from the rest...ask around...see others results....but food is before training always.

  12. I forgot to mention - I found my nutritionist at a GYN office. She focused 100% on women. She was so great I ended up using that office for my OB when I got pregnant, and now it's my regular GYN office. Just a thought when you're researching.

  13. You have a pretty coordinated schedule and healthy diet. My personal trainer encourages me to stick to a diet too but I'm glad it's not very restricting. He also taught me how to follow weight loss in Perth, WA because it's very effective.



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