Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Taking the Plunge


Last night, hubby and I had our first swimming lesson. He’s 30 and I’m 26.

That’s right, we’re taking swimming lessons. At 30 and 26.

I am super proud of hubby for being brave enough to take the lessons. He never learned how to swim, much less never went swimming or to the pool as a kid so he isn’t very comfortable in water.

But after being married to me for 5 1/2 years, and seeing how much I love being in the water, and how fun it can be—he was ready to learn how to swim so that we can do more fun water activities. And so I can worry about him less!

Since he was brave enough to do that, I decided to join him! So we are taking semi-private lessons together. I know how to swim, but I never learned proper technique.

I have wanted to complete a triathlon for some time now and the only thing holding me back was not being comfortable with swimming—at least competitively. So if hubby can learn to swim, I can learn to swim better.

So while hubby is learning how to float, and put his face in the water, and become more comfortable in water, I am learning how to breathe correctly while putting my face in the water while swimming. I am learning how to move my arms and legs correctly.

I also told her I want to learn how to swim better for exercise, so she will teach me different moves that will use the most muscles for the best workout. But for now, I am learning how to do the front crawl.

And get this. Our swim instructor’s name is Ariel. Yep, just like the little mermaid. So if the little mermaid can’t teach us to swim, I don’t know who can!

I purchased a season pass to the pool and will go as often as I can to practice swimming, and for exercise! I will be getting hubby a pass too so that we can practice frequently. I’m also pretty excited to take a water aerobics class next week (hopefully).

Just another step towards my fitness goals!

If you are an adult that needs to learn how to swim, visit your local YMCA. I tried local pools, but they just made us feel like we were weird wanting swimming lessons as adults. The YMCA on the other hand was super friendly and it sounds like they do it all the time! We were one of three adult couples at the pool taking lessons. All of us were at different levels—one couple was very advanced! Each couple had their own instructor and it was totally private. I recommend it so far!


  1. My gym has a deep water aerobics class. It's no joke-you're sore the next day!

  2. Woohoo!! I did this last summer and it improved my freestyle big time! Wish my hubby would get on board too, he's on the same page as your hubby. I definitely recommend going for a triathlon, you will LOVE it! :)

  3. how fun that you are doing it together!! i did swim team when i was younger, but I think D would like someone to show him proper technique and I'm trying not to be the know it all wife so thinking it would better for him to take a lesson

  4. That's so nice that you inspired your hubby to take lessons! I was on the swim team growing up so I definitely know my way around the water. My boyfriend needs to work on his breath work. My brother actually is taking swimming lessons this summer so I'm going to workout in the pool while he takes his lesson :)

    It's a wonderful way to get a full body exercise that's for sure!

  5. That's so awesome!!! I know how to swim as well, but as far as different techniques, I'm clueless. Have fun :)


  6. I think that's so awesome! Good for you guys!

  7. I did water aerobics when I was pregnant with our first child and LOVED it! My husband also doesn't know how to swim. Good for y'all!

  8. I took swim lessons for years as a child. I can swim enough to save my life in calm water but my center of gravity has shifted and tends to sink and pull the rest of me down lol. I really could use a refresher course.

    Good for the two of you taking lessons, how fun and what a great way to spend time together. :)

  9. I should totally take lessons too. I'm a bit uncomfortable in the water. I think the ymca would be for me too, I see the swim instructors at the pool too much and would feel silly lol

  10. Congrats! That is awesome that hubby is being so brave and you are right there to supposrt him! Love to see that!

  11. Good for ya'll!! :)

    You'll both be expert swimmers before you know it!


  12. Fantastic! Congrats to you and hubby on your aquatic endeavors!!!

  13. Sounds like fun having swimming lessons together and good exercise. :)



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