Monday, July 30, 2012

Fitting in Exercise

I am pretty upset with myself. We went out to eat at Old Chicago last night. I had plenty of points, but thought I’d order a salad and soup to try to keep the points down. I even ate veggies for an appetizer. But the salad I ordered wasn’t in my points database. Come to find out the salad was 23 points!!! And the soup was 12! I couldn’t believe it when I figured the points—AFTER eating it. Ugh. Sad smile 

So now I’m over my points. I should have known better. If I’d known that, I would have ordered a Calzone, which was less points!! When hubby and I order those, we always cut them in half and take the other half home for a second meal. That's what he did. He ate less points than me and I ordered a salad. Definitely NOT what I would chose to use so many points on. Don’t you hate that?

For breakfast this morning, I ate Cheerios with skim milk and strawberries.

Last week was so crazy busy. I ended up working 47 hours between the two jobs. No wonder I felt like I was busy! After working part of my hours on Saturday, I came home and slept for 3 hours. I guess I needed that!

But that’s why my posts last week were few and far between. I really love this blog and I love blogging but I hate it when I have to make choices on where I’m going to spend my time and have to eliminate some things. I’m sorry I’ve been a bad blogger! But I don’t think most weeks will be like last.

This week will be A LOT less busy for me. So I have my new daily planner where I am scheduling out my days. I hope to have more picture posts this week!

While working, I sipped on a caramel macchiato iced latte made with skim.

On my first break, I ate 1/3 cup 0% Vanilla Greek yogurt with blueberries and milled flax.

I ended up having to work a little later than scheduled, so my day schedule was off a bit.

For lunch I ate a spinach salad with strawberries, almonds, feta, and poppy seed dressing.

I also ate a flat out pizza with spinach, turkey sausage, and tomatoes.

I finished it up with sliced peaches.

We are down to the last few Missouri peaches. I am going to miss those when they are gone!

After lunch, I worked job #2 for my allotted time and then it was time for my workout.

My body is very sore for some reason. And this weekend I climbed a bunch of steps and my thighs are KILLING me. You know, the kind where you can’t go down stairs without wincing in pain. So I decided today would be a good day for Pilates. The workout was a little over 30 minutes.

I really felt how sore my body was by doing that workout. Yesterday was worse. Every part of my body hurt, my toes, my fingers, my wrists, back, legs, everything. I feel like an arthritic old person sometimes. And usually there’s no rhyme or reason to the aches, they just happen. Weird. But after the workout I was left feeling like that again… Sad smile

It felt good mentally to finally have gotten in my workout. Of course I worried about work that maybe I should have been getting done, but in all honesty, with a little better time management, the work can wait for another day. This week will be about less time spent on work stuff, I’m already ahead, and more time spent on exercising and getting my priorities in line.

After that, I got to have a nice long chat with my Mom. She always knows how to cheer me up. Thanks, Mom. SmileLove you!

I finally went out to the garage and dug through garage sale items to find this:

July30 002

I am so glad nobody bought all of my old WW plan stuff for $4! I probably wouldn’t have either if I saw how used and dirty my points slider was!!!

July30 003

lol, but it’ll do the trick! So happy to have found that stuff because I was almost ready to go on E-bay and buy it again.

For a snack, I ate 1/2 serving of mini triscuits and roasted red pepper hummus.

July30 001

I even took time to do laundry, dishes and clean the kitchen. I truly believe in the saying, “A cluttered house, a cluttered mind.” I feel a lot better when the house is clean!

For supper, I made baked potatoes topped with vegetarian chili and sharp cheddar along with green beans.

July30 004

This was SOOOO good. I don’t know why I’ve never made those before?

For dessert, we had FF/SF chocolate pudding with Cool Whip Free.

July30 005

And I still have points left for the day!

I have an event to cover tonight for job #2 and then we will come home and relax. Looking forward to the relaxing part!


  1. Hey girl, if you have FB check out
    Idk if you follow Mama Laughlin on here but it's a wonderful support group. You'll love it, promise!!! :)

  2. Here's her blog

  3. I used to get a dish at Applebee's that I thought was so healthy. When I checked and found it was 23 points (old points - would be more now), I almost cried as that was my whole day gone in one meal. Now, I'm better about checking.

    I really don't know how they pack so many calories into things. One place has a salad that is over 2000 calories and it sounds so healthy. Sigh.

  4. Those restaurant salads can be a killer. Next break up the points in your heads. As in, this salad contains, eggs(2), cheese (3) etc. Then you can figure out how many points it is.
    But you still made better choice then eating something deep fried.

  5. I hate that as well and I am not even on WW! LOL! I love the Chili's tortilla salad, and it is one of the worst things on their menu. Got to LOVE how they can take something that's suppose to be good, and make it so bad for you. Just shake it off. Your are over your extras, but just focus on the days you have left ;)

  6. I can totally relate with your restaurant dilemma...... I'd pick calzone over salad any day!!!

    keep up the good work!!

    The pudding looks absolutely delicious!


  7. on where going to spend my time and have to eliminate some things. sorry been a bad blogger! Button think most weeks will be like last.


  8. So the calzone was fewer points than the salad. Doesn't mean it was the healthier choice. You got some greens and veggies in. Better than fried white bread with crappy fillings.
    Being healthy is about nutrients, not just calories and fat grams. An avocado is healthier than potato chips, even though cals and fat may be higher.....

  9. Don't you hate when you find out something you thought was a healthy choice actually wasn't?? I've been there/done that...grrr.
    sounds like you are in a good place going forward this week though. Take care Alissa!!!!

  10. Wonderful!! Do you make your own kale chips? If so how do you do it? Also do you have a recipe for the greek yogurt dip? Sounds yummmy!!


  11. This week will be about less time spent on work stuff, already ahead, and more time spent on exercising and getting priorities in line.
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