Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Rocky Start

5 A.M. came way too early today, but then again, it never comes too late.

You know what is the worst? Having an argument with your spouse, about something petty, first thing in the morning. It just sets the wrong tone for the day. I hate that! And then hubby leaves for work and you don’t feel settled about it…! That was the beginning of my day. But we calmed down and made up later. But it’s the worst, huh?

For breakfast, I ate 3 scrambled egg whites, light wheat toast with PB, 1/2 a banana and skim milk.

July10Food 001

I ran out of my Victoria’s Secret lotions last week so I stopped at the store and bought 5 more bottles because they’re cheaper that way.

I was sad that a lot of my favorite scents are gone. I have some allergy problems to a lot of strong scents so I had to take a gamble because I never know how they’ll affect me. But I picked up this one, which gave me a headache all day because it ended up being too strong, but I loved the diamond dust in it!

July10Food 004

How fun! I’ll have to see if they make any lighter scents with the diamond dust. It makes your skinny lightly glittery.

July10Food 005

I ran out of cold coffee, so I made a fresh pot this morning. I added FF hazelnut creamer.

July10Food 002

On my break, I ate a WW smoked string cheese.

July10Food 006

When I was finally done working my first job, I ate my lunch. I made a tuna melt quesadilla with kale chips.

The Kale is so pretty before it’s cooked. Such a vibrant green.

July10Food 008

July10Food 009

I really wanted to eat something chocolate, but instead, I decided on a bowl of fruit.

July10Food 011

Much better for me.

And then it was time to get some work done for my 2nd job. I worked for about three hours. Today I got to stay home and write, which was nice!

I had just enough time to write up a guest post and then it was time to make supper because hubby was on his way home!

For supper, I ate a burger with 2% cheese on a sandwich thin with BBQ sauce, roasted zucchini, and 1/4 cup of low fat cottage cheese.

July10food 012

And I still have points left over!

Tonight, we have a swimming lesson. I’m hoping to learn the back stroke this time. I know I won’t be disappointed, after all, our instructor’s name is Ariel. Yep, like the little mermaid.

I spend 30 minutes swimming laps of whatever stroke she teaches me and also alternating it with the other strokes she has taught me at other lessons. That’ll be my exercise for the day!

We are saving dessert for a soft serve cone afterwards.

Hubby and I made up after our argument from this morning and made a plan for the future. We always do that after arguments, think of a way that we can do better in the future. I’m a lucky woman to have a man who is just as invested in our relationship as I am. Smile


  1. Sounds like you've had a good day today.....other than the rocky start, but then that happens to all of us sometimes :) You are lucky to have such a wonderful soulmate in life! You are inspiring me to, once again, try to eat healthier. Keep up the good work! Love, MOM

  2. Yep, sounds like a good day to me too. My daughter just said we should go swimming. Maybe we'll go in the next few days. :)

  3. I hate fighting with my hubby too. Glad you guys worked it out.

  4. I hate it when my days start like that too. It really does set the tone for the day. Sounds like you had a very good OP day though great job!

  5. I hate fighting with my husband. We don't often, but sometimes, you just have to clear the air a little. I wish I could have reached through the screen and had a few kale chips!!! Yours look SOOO good. Have a great day Alissa!!!!

  6. I know what you mean about starting your day off like that...glad you guys made up though! :)

    You really had a great, on plan day! And you make me want to start taking food pics again, I do so much better when I do this.... we'll see!



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