Friday, August 10, 2012

Remember this!!

I just want to document that I feel TERRIBLE when I don't eat correctly. I feel bloated. I feel ugly. I feel fat. Ughhhhhhh.


When I eat healthily, I feel good. I feel small. I feel happy.

I am going to try to remind myself of how I will feel after eating ______________.

Will I feel energized? Good about myself? Bloated? Like a failure?

My next choice will be a good one.

I hate feeling like I look like a pregnant woman when I'm not pregnant!! I will just die if someone asks if I'm pregnant.... :(


  1. After ten years, I'm still working on the "food as fuel" way of eating. It's true that eating veggies and lean protein and lots of fiber keeps me full and not hungry. It's a good thing that I like those foods too.

    I hope you get back to where you want to be very soon. :)

  2. I tell myself the same thing! We had Chinese food last night and I have been SOOO bloated and uncomfortable all day today. NOT WORTH IT!


  3. As you can tell from my most recent post, I've been there! It's frustrating!

  4. Great post! I think we should print part of this and stick it on the fridge!

  5. You don't look pregnant alissa. If you need a boost look back at where you started. You've accomplished a ton. Head up, shoulders back, forward march. :-)

  6. She told me that sometimes we get caught up in those negative thoughts and it just spirals out of control. She told have done wonderful things and in no way whatsoever failure.




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