Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Life has been challenging lately and my eating has gone slightly downhill. I maintained my weight until this morning where it shot up a couple of pounds. With my grandpa passing away and family gatherings, weight loss has been the last thing on my mind.

Now that all of the events are over, I’m still left with that sadness in my heart over a loss. Thinking about never going to visit grandpa again, hearing him laugh and that sparkle in his eye…it just makes me sad.

I will be away the rest of the week and not eating meals at home, so it will be another struggle. I plan on watching what I eat, but understanding it’s not going to be perfect, with the intention of starting afresh once everything is all over.

I’m also still struggling with what I think is either the remnants of a cold or allergies with asthma issues. I’m never really sure. I’m hoping all of that goes away quickly!

Seems like every time I have a good week, something else happens unexpectedly in life that trips me up. But so is life. Hopefully everything starts to slow down soon!

Hope you are all doing well!


  1. Take care Alissa! "See" you when you're back!!!

  2. I'm coming to realize it's always up or down, no middle ground. :::sigh::: Sorry again for your loss. I'm sure things will begin to settle down before too long.

  3. I'm sorry for your loss.

    Hope everything settles down for you.

  4. "hugs" I'm so sorry you're having to go through so much!

  5. Thoughts are with darling. Take care of yourself xx

  6. take care of yourself (((((hugs)))))

  7. hey, it's hard. But like any rough time, you'll just gonna have to be strong. So, keep up the good work. :) your almost there!

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  9. I'm really sorry for your loss, but thankful you have such kind, loving memories of him. Time heals us. You'll never fill that void, but one day you'll smile fondly in resemblance, over shedding tears. *hugs*

    About food and weightloss? Don't look back at the past. It's your next step that matters. :)

  10. Thinking of you Alissa. So sorry to read about your Grandpa.

    You are doing great, don't be too hard on yourself!!

  11. I know you will miss your Grandpa. Hope things settle down for you.

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