Monday, September 10, 2012

Garden Harvest

I went out to the garden today to pick some of these lovely pear tomatoes. They are so sweet and delicious. I love them.

Garden 005

While I was out there, I saw some onions popping out of the ground so decided it was time to harvest the onions.

Garden 003

And then I noticed the potatoes were ready so I dug those up.

Garden 004

I pulled up a couple of carrots, but decided to leave the rest of them because I’m not totally sure they’re ready!

Garden 002

We have gotten quite a bit of produce this year from the garden, despite the heat! We did have significantly few raspberries and blackberries this year though. We finally dug up half of the strawberries and planted kale—it’s ready to pick…wait until you see it!! I will definitely be planting that next year. I didn’t pick it yet because I’m not ready to use it.

But here’s what I harvested today:

Garden 001

I’m especially intrigued by the potatoes! Just put 1/2 of a potato in the ground and voila, you get a bunch of potatoes! No work necessary. It’s pretty awesome.

How is your garden doing?


  1. I have never planted a garden. :( I would like to, though! That produce looks great! I know you're proud of it. The carrots are adorable. I guess that sound silly, LOL, but they are all so perfectly shaped and stuff. :)

  2. It is so great to eat what you grow. I am also amazed of how wonderfully different the produce taste. You did amazing, your produce is something you should be very proud of. Mighty Impressive.

  3. What an awesome harvest! I only have room for the flower garden. I wish that we had room to grown veggies.

  4. Those are the coolest tomatoes I ever saw. Love all the veggies. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. MMM... I bet those are going to taste yummy! I wish I had a garden :)

  6. Good for you for having a garden. I always mean to start one, but I just know I'll ruin it.

  7. We haven't had a garden in many years but it is very nice when you have the room to plant a few vegetables. Your harvest looks like the beginning of a great beef roast. :)

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  9. I've never seen not only pear-shaped but neither yellow tomato before. That must be sweet and juicy. I love eating fresh tomato for snacks. I live in an apartment so I have no space to grow plants.

  10. we have zero luck growing anything... i would love to grow potatoes!!! How fun!

  11. I love homegrown food! I love my lettuces, raspberries, peppers, apples.... nomm nomm :)

  12. Harvest time is soooo much fun. We used to belong to a community garden (I live in a condo, so no garden at home, just containers on our deck) and I LOVED harvesting and using, preserving and sharing (because it all comes at once) Looks like you've had a good crop despite the heat. YAY!! Have fun with it all Alissa!

  13. I've never seen tomatoes like that before! How cool!

    Nice haul!

  14. My Garden had Great Intentions but Nothing Grew! I have teeny tiny carrots that will be good for no one but a few random bunnies in the yard. I have one pitiful green tomato on my large lush tomato plants that are full of green but nothing else, and even the zucchini and pumpkin which most no one can kill, is nothing but plants. It's so weird, because the plants look great they just don't want to produce veggies! Yours look awesome, and I will be trying potatoes next yr, hopefully that will work! ;)

  15. Incredible pics of your garden and lovely and cute veggies. Amazed to see such a little and cutie pears.

    Day Birger et Mikkelsen

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