Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Getting Back into Gear

I finally got out for a little exercise today. I walked 1.56 miles in 30 minutes. I am proud of myself for getting out there.

It is SO hot. I thought today was going to be cooler! But it does look like there’s a high of 69 on Saturday. I am so ready for that kind of weather again.

I lost my FitBit a couple of weeks ago. It hasn’t shown up anywhere. I think I lost it at the office and there are all sorts of thieves at that place. Sad smile That cost me $100!! I clip it onto my waist band so I’m really not sure what happened to it. So disappointing.

I’ve been trying to get back into my healthy eating the past couple of days. Yesterday, I did really well all day and then I think I went over my points last night. I didn’t count them, which is part of the problem.

So far, I’m doing just fine today. But I am STARVING. I think it’s because I have supper cooking in the crock pot and it smells SO good.

Tomorrow is weigh in day. As of right now, I will have a gain—but that can always change! I won’t be up to the weight that I was a couple of weeks though, so not all is lost (or gained). It will be good to have a fresh start tomorrow!

I just want to see 210 again. Forget about Onederland for now. So that’s my mini-goal for now. Come on 210!!


  1. I have starved to death all day today. I'm trying to be good. Just finished supper, and I'm over 4 pp for the day. But I know I will want food after church tonight. Grrr. Was hoping to END my day at like 35 pp. Oh well.

  2. It was hot here today as well!
    I have to say I hate days when I'm hungry no matter what I eat :(

  3. I find if I have a heavy night I am starving the next day....



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