Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Into the Office and Meeting Hubby for Lunch

I lost another 2.9 lbs. from yesterday! Now I am less than 1 lb. above my weigh in from last week. I’m not sure if I will lose more by tomorrow or not. Either outcome, I am on my way again.

I had a similar breakfast to yesterday because it tasted so good. I had a mini whole wheat bagel topped with pumpkin spice cream cheese, an egg, skim milk, and a banana.

9-19Food 002

I got a good night’s sleep last night, thanks to Nyquil, but I woke up feeling miserable. And today I had a meeting at the office so I had to leave the house. Bummer.

Although I couldn’t wear my yoga pants into the office, I could sneak by with a maxi skirt which feels just as comfy as yoga pants. I paired that with a comfy top from the Gap and I felt like I was wearing my PJs. Here, I am wearing my slippers, but I couldn’t wear those to work. Winking smile

9-19Food 005

You probably haven’t seen any pictures of me in a while, that’s me. Excuse the face, because I thought I wasn’t getting my face in the picture. lol.

While working, I sipped on coffee with pumpkin spice creamer. I forgot to take a picture of it!

On my break, I ate light vanilla yogurt with fresh strawberries.

9-19Food 001

I managed to make it through the day. Yippee!

Hubby was working in the area, so I picked him up at the job site and we went to Subway for lunch.


I ate a 6” turkey sub and baked BBQ Lay’s.


After dropping him back off, I ran in Dollar General to get some cold meds. I ended up finding some incredible deals. They had 50% off the reduced clearance prices! Here are some of the things I got extremely cheap.

9-19Food 003

And more importantly, I picked up these.


Hopefully, I will no longer resemble Rudolph.

So I got home and rested a little by reading some blogs. It seems like everyone is enjoying the fall weather and festivities. It’s such a fun time of year.

I started some prep for a get together I’m hosting tomorrow night. I made up pumpkin bars. The frosting wasn’t quite enough to cover the bars evenly! Oh well, I don’t want to make more and double the calories. I like to use this big pan because I can cut them into smaller pieces that way.

9-19Food 010

For supper, I made tortilla pizza with ham and an onion from our garden.

9-19Food 011

This was extra delicious tonight. The tortilla got flaky and it was better than usual.

I also had a side of green beans x 2.

9-19Food 012

Gotta get those veggies in!

And for dessert, I tried out a pumpkin bar. They ended up coming out to 4.5 points per bar. Not terrible, but still higher than I like. Hubby said they passed the test!

9-19Food 013

I still have a couple of points left for the day, but probably won’t use them. I didn’t use all of my points yesterday either. Shocking. Yes, I know.

It’s kind of fun to be back to taking pictures again. I think I had a nice break from it and now it’s fun to share my day again. Sorry I’m kind of boring though! I suppose I could make up spectacular stories about my day. lol Nah… I’ll just let you read the boring details of my life. It’s all mine…and I love it.


  1. I like to mix fresh fruit into my plain yogurt too! it's a great way to add sweetness the natural way :)

    Food looks yummy and congrats on another loss!

  2. Those pumpkin bars look amazing! I would say totally worth the 4.5 points ;)

  3. Happy you're on your way again! I love that feeling :D

  4. It's great seeing consistent progress :) Keep it up. And send me a pumpkin bar while you're at it ;)

  5. Love the skirt and shirt, but is it possible that I can actually see that your nose looks all stuffy in the picture? LOL I hate that feeling of having one stuffed nostril and one runny nostril. Blah.

  6. woohoo!! You're on your way, love seeing your food pics again :D I don't often have points left over from my day but I try to not use on my weekly either.. I need to start eating more 0 point food.

  7. WOW, How in the world are you doing it?? I love that you document what you are eating! It's a great way to keep on track (oh and I love that we both love flavored creamer in our coffee) ;) Congrats! :)

  8. WOW, How in the world are you doing it?? I love that you document what you are eating! It's a great way to keep on track (oh and I love that we both love flavored creamer in our coffee) ;) Congrats! :)

  9. Awesome day, subway looks YUMMY!! So do those pumpkin bars!! I need to find me a maxi skirt STAT!

  10. Love your blog!!! You are an inspiration!!!! Glad your posting pictures again! Keep up the good work, you look fantastic!!! :)



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