Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Cat, a Criminal, and a Run


Today was another day to head into the office…hopefully the last for a while!

I wasn’t in the mood for much breakfast this morning, probably because I ate a two Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups last night. But I started with a good breakfast anyways. Oatmeal with peaches and a glass of milk.

1031 002

I brought my pumpkin spice coffee with me to work.

1031 003

I wore my cat ears to work today. Nobody was really dressed up at work this year. There were a few here and there, but not much going on otherwise.

1031 006

On my break, I ate light yogurt with strawberries and chia seeds.

1031 001

I knew today was going to be a tough day at work with candy galore and cake for a retirement party. My plan was to avoid it all. I would allow myself a few pieces of Halloween candy at home if I could refrain from eating any all day.

Here’s how my day went:

Hey Alissa! Want some chocolate cake? No thanks.

How about some vanilla cake? No cake for me please!

How about a piece of cake with less frosting? As much as I want to…no thank you! Don’t tempt me so much!

Hey Alissa, did you get some cake? No, I don’t want any. Thanks.

Are you SURE?! Yes…

I saw you hesitate there for a minute!!! hahaha

Hey Alissa! Would you like a piece of cake? No thanks.

Seriously. That’s how many times I was offered cake and how many times I refused!! I’m pretty proud of myself too! lol

After work, I came home and found this on the door step!

1031 017

Bet you can’t guess what it is. And I’m going to leave ya hanging for a bit! Winking smile

For lunch, I ate leftover crock pot parmesan chicken.

1031 012

Oh, that is so good.

I also had a side salad with baby romaine, tomato, crumbled blue cheese and pecans.

1031 011

And since I was so good about the cake, I allowed myself a MUCH lower calorie dessert. A No Pudge! brownie with a dab of whipped topping.

1031 020

Probably tasted better than the cake anyways!

And then It was time to head downtown for the Halloween parade. The elementary school kids parade down the streets in their Halloween costumes and the middle school marching band performs. I love my little small town. It was way cute.

There’s this little girl that I met covering an event probably back in July(?) and she asked me what my name was. And today I heard someone say, “Hi Alissa!!!” and wave, and here was the little girl. I was shocked that she remembered my name! Every time she sees me around town she says hi to me. Adorable. To a little kid, my job probably seems pretty cool and important. Smile

Although I felt a little awkward when I realized I looked like I was dressing up like the unabomber.

1031 085

Ummm poor outfit choice. lol. I hope people didn’t think I was trying to dress like him for Halloween! That would be in poor taste! In my defense, it was cold outside!!

When I got home, I brewed myself some coffee and got to work!

1031 091

So, want to know what I got in the mail now?

1031 018

I’ve been wanting one of these FOREVER and when my battery died in the Polar, I decided to upgrade. Know what it is yet?

Thankfully, the battery was FINALLY charged on this thing just in time for me to get my 40 minute workout in before trick or treating began.

1031 093

I finally got my Garmin Forerunner 110…and the pink one, which I couldn’t find in any stores, so I ordered online…for a cheaper price!

Here I am pre-run:

1031 094

I ended up running 3 miles straight and walking .1 for a total 5k distance. SO proud of myself for this one. And I have to say this Garmin really helps keep me going because I can see how I’m doing.

1031 101

This is the COOLEST thing EVER. You can see your average pace, distance and heart rate while you’re running. When you get home, you can plug it into your computer and it gives you all kinds of interesting data!



Here’s my heart rate data:




This tells me that, on average, I exercising in the conditioning zone with is conductive to fitness conditioning, muscle building and athletic training. I will have to do more research as to what that really means for me.

I also found my pace per mile interesting. I’m fairly consistent. Consistently slow, but consistent. Winking smile


I can definitely feel myself slowing down, and as I was running, I picked up my pace when I noticed my avg. pace increasing. If I had continued running that .1, I would have had a very good 5k time—for ME, anyways!

So, enough of that! Isn’t that awesome though!? So excited. Smile

I sported my bright orange shoes in festive spirit.

1031 095

When I got home, it was time for trick or treating, so I got the candy together.

1031 096

While waiting for my supper to bake, I ate some baby carrots to get in my veggies!

1031 102

I made a Flat Out pizza with low fat cheese, spinach, ham and onion.

1031 103

It was tasty!

I was still hungry after that, so I ate an apple with peanut butter.

1031 104

I ALMOST forgot that I needed to do planks tonight for the Best Body Bootcamp, so I got right on that! Those were a killer tonight. I feel it mostly in my biceps. Maybe I’m not doing it right?

I still have 7 points left, so that will allow me to have a couple pieces of Halloween candy tonight. Yay! I think I worked for it and don’t have any problems eating a couple pieces of candy on Halloween…it’s just about not eating piece after piece after piece like I used to do.

We only had 19 trick or treaters tonight. We usually have about triple that! I don’t know if it was the cold weather or what, but thankfully I bought about 4 lbs. of candy…lol At the end I just told them to grab handfuls. Winking smile

I hope you had a Happy Halloween!


  1. So jealous of ur watch!!!! My gps is seperate from the watch and annoying to have to bring along. Maybe someday I can get a better one like yours. Julie has one too. Lucky girls you are!! Great run BTW and awesome job on avoiding cake....wish I could avoid all the chocolate bars the kids git tonight. Sigh. Lol

  2. I can't believe that you burned 615c on a 5km run!!! That's insane. I wish I could burn that!!!

  3. You are right! It is all about choices. You are amazing to turn down cake that many times. Impressive!
    Cute Garmin that will definitely provide motivation.

  4. You know what is kinda sad and funny at the same time...?The girl recognized you even dressed as the bomber. LOL :) And maybe that get-up is why people didn't come to your house that night. Hahaha Okay, I had to get my jokes off my chest. Glad you are excited about your new gadget. Anything that helps motivate is great! And I love your new shoes. I think they're really cool lookin'.

  5. PS - How annoying on the cake issue and great job by you for consistently saying no!

  6. Kudos to you on the willpower. Me...Not so much. Sort of disappointing actually. So glad that you are doing great and keeping on top of staying healthy so well!! :)

  7. Wow - that is a lot of cake offerings. I would probably have snapped a bit with my responses LOL!

    And I love the pumpkin bowl!!!

  8. GIRL!! you did so good today!! I am jealous! Haha I totally PLANNED on having a flat out pizza for dinner but me and mom ended up going to get our 50 cent corn dogs LOL. Great job resisting the cake!!!! I am powerless around cake 90% of the time!! :( So tell me more about this garmin...does it tell you calories burned? I want something I can wear running that tells me calories burned!! I have been on the treadmill latley though and I guess that does the job but i like running outside too! Glad you had a great day girl!!!!

  9. Have you found low fat cheese that will actually melt? if so, I'd love to know what kind. I stopped buying it because it just wouldn't melt but I don't mind the taste.



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