Friday, October 19, 2012

Always your Cheerleader

Yesterday was a good first day on the WW online program. Today has gone really well so far and I expect it will continue!

I have found myself reaching for fruits and veggies instead of other items. I am watching my intake of the amounts of fruits that I am eating, although not restricting myself if it comes down to eating fruit over some other less healthy snack.

I was able to get in a run yesterday morning and I just finished up a run today. It feels great! I have been very consistent with my exercise for the past couple of weeks, and I’m very proud of that. It does wonders for my mental health.

I want to make a promise to you. If I ever get to goal When I get to goal, and I am able to maintain the weight loss, I promise to never bombard you with unsolicited advice or judgment about your journey.

Back when I lost 80 lbs. like it was nothing, I thought I had it all down and I thought that I knew everything about weight loss. And I’m really sorry to anyone who I preached at!!

Let me be the first to tell you, every journey is different. Just when you might think you have it down, you can experience a set back.

Those of us who struggle with weight issues need to stick together. We truly can support each other because we understand each other. Let’s not pick each other apart or tell each other how it should be done. I think deep down we all know what our real issues are. Outsiders might think they can judge, but they can’t really. Especially in this blog world, we only see a glimpse of each others lives.

Instead of preaching, let’s acknowledge that there are many roads to get to goal and just cheer each other on. Who’s with me?

I promise to always be your cheerleader and never your preacher.


  1. Amen, sister!

    I'm happy you're doing your WW thing again. I wish you the best of success!

  2. I agree. I'm sorry there was a time that I probably sounded like a preacher, but I promise that wasn't my intent! I guess I live with a preacher... so just forgive me. He rubs off on me. Haha! WTG for being consistent with exercise for 2 weeks. That is definitely a success!

  3. Rah Rah Sis Boom Bah... You got this, Alissa! One day at a time.

  4. Glad WW online has been going well!

    We all have a diet finger print. I am a firm believer that different things work for different people. Being a cheerleader, and not a preacher is a perfect way of putting it!

  5. I certainly think we can all be supportive even when doing our own things!

  6. I do truly believe losing weight is different for different people. And there is no one right way!
    I've never thought of you not being a cheerleader so no problem there :)

  7. I agree with you ... we all have different journeys to weight loss. Yay to all of us for getting healthier! Congrats on your weight loss. It is a wonderful accomplishment ;-)

  8. Completely agree. I think I preached too, back when I thought I knew it all. But as soon as I realized that nothing angered me so much as advice from other bloggers in my comments, I knew it was time to back off. Now I'm more humble, having regained. When it comes to weight loss, everyone has their own path and their own journey.

  9. Just wanted to say that I admire you and appreciate you sharing your journey with us online. {hug}

  10. Great work and great words! Support is vital when changing a life.

  11. I'm DEFINITELY with you! I've been on WW for a little over 2 years, and the 2nd year, not very committed. I SHOULD be at goal now, but have gained about 15 lbs back. I WILL NOT gain any more. I'm back on track as of this week, and I need support too! Yes, we are all in this together! We can do it!

  12. I love this. And look forward to you cheering us along. Have a great Monday.

  13. I love this post. There are some pretty smug bloggers out there-thank you for keeping it real.



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