Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Baked “Hard-boiled” Eggs

I just can’t figure out how to boil eggs correctly. I either forget about them, only to come in the kitchen to cracking sounds and smoke, or I don’t boil them long enough. In the case that I do remember to take them off the burner, they’re often overcooked.

I recently came across a great way to make hard-boiled eggs, without the boiling! All you need are eggs and a muffin tin.

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Carefully place the eggs in a muffin tin and place in a preheated oven at 325 degrees for 30 minutes. Remove the muffin tin with the eggs from the oven and place the eggs in cold water. Once cooled, peel the shell off of the eggs.

My baked “hard-boiled” eggs had a few brown spots from the egg shell contacting the hot muffin tin, but it didn’t bother me. The eggs were perfect otherwise.

I just wanted to share this tip with you. This will be how I “hard-boil” eggs in the future!


  1. interesting tip to bake them - I might have to try that.

  2. Now that is definitely something I've never heard of!!! Neat! I never could get mine right either, but then I started trying Danica's way (and setting my timer, of course, ha!). It seems to take a long time for the water to start to boil, but that's a good thing because nothing overboils or boils out of the pot. Anyway, doing this has greatly helped my eggies! You may have already tried this, though.

  3. I saw Alton Brown do this and it is genius! I haven't tried it yet because I really only use a couple eggs periodically and don't want to heat up the oven. I was going to try it in the toaster oven, but then it went on the fritz LOL!

  4. I always have problems boiling them too. I'll give this a try :D

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  6. Thank you for posting this! I saw this idea on Pinterest and I "pinned it." I also pinned the muffin tin "Egg McMuffin" idea. Yesterday, I tried the McMuffin one and not the hardboiled one (which I planned on putting off for a bit). So...thanks a bundle for posting this because now I know it works. I'll be trying it a lot sooner now! :)

    Oh! And the Egg McMuffin (crack one egg into each cooking spray coated muffin cup and bake for about 20 mins) worked too!!! You really do end up with a strikingly similar McDonald's egg in that cute little shape. :) I'm sure you can just do egg whites too (which is my next test). ;)

  7. Wow...what a great tip. I'm going to give this a try! Thanks Alissa, have a great day.



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