Monday, October 8, 2012

Getting Fitted for Running Shoes

My last pair of Asics running shoes have been terrible ever since I bought them. My feet ache and my shins kill me. I finally broke down and decided to visit a running store to have my shoes fitted for me. I’m ready to get back into running and I want shoes that don’t make my body and feet ache so terribly. I know running hurts, but the first shoes I had never made my feet and shins hurt so bad, so I knew it was my shoes that were the culprit.

I was a little nervous going into the store because I don’t exactly look like a runner. And I got the impression that they didn’t think I was really a runner either. They informed me that “running does hurt”, yes I know, but otherwise were helpful.

The first thing they had me do was put on some neutral shoes and had me run on a treadmill while the video taped my stride. They reviewed it and informed me that I am an overpronator, I knew my feet turned inward, but wasn’t quite sure what that meant.

So then they had me try on a variety of shoes that would offer the support that I needed. Since my feet and shins already ached from my last couple of recent runs/walks, I could tell right away which shoes weren’t going to work for me. I was really surprised when the pair that felt the best turned out to be Adidas.

Here’s what the attendant paired me with:

shoes 005

The color is a fun, bright orange.

shoes 006

shoes 007

shoes 009

What I did discover is that my old shoes did not fit me correctly. They were too narrow and too small overall. It felt a lot better to have a larger shoe with more room.

shoes 010

shoes 011

I got home and decided to try them out on the treadmill. The store has a 30 day return policy if I don’t wear them outside. So I’m going to try to run inside until I know they are going to help.

As you know, I haven’t been running very regularly lately, but when I run, I prefer to run outside. I was in shock to see the state of my treadmill!!!

shoes 004

Those are cob webs!!! lol. Wow…

Anyways, I did hop on the treadmill. Here I am, all ready to run in my new shoes, that just so happened to match my running outfit!

shoes 014

And my feet did hurt. Mostly the sides of my feet, my big toe, and my ankles My shins didn’t hurt at all. But I know it does take some time to wear in new running shoes. How long do you allow the shoes to wear in? I know most of my soreness is probably a result of my other running shoes because I’ve really been hurting. I will give them more time, but I will definitely be follow up on it this time!

After trying on shoes that felt good on my feet, I realized how stupid I was to hold onto the ones I’ve been wearing for so long that REALLY hurt my feet!

Since I’m just getting back into running again and since running on the treadmill is, well, dreadful, I did intervals. I ran 1/4 mile at 5 mph and then walked 1/4 mile at 3 mph. I did a total of 2 miles, which took me just over 30 minutes.

I love that after run feeling! I want to keep this up!!

Have you ever had your shoes fitted? What did you find?


  1. Having shoes fitted changed my life. However, my running partner had to have inserts in her shoes because even the fitted shoes didn't help. Give them 10 runs before you count them out. Shin Splits were the worst for me, so having fitted shoes was a total help!

  2. Have fun breaking in and wearing out those swanky new shoes!!!!

  3. Shoe fitting... huh, you mean you're not supposed to get the ones that look the coolest? Just kidding... hope these shoes do the trick for you.

  4. Those shoe are a sweet color. I tried asics and had to retire them. Because I wae experiencing shin splits pain. Good luck I hope these shoes work for you.

  5. I was fitted at our local Fleet Feet store about 3.5 years ago -- best thing I've ever done. I noticed a difference immediately and had no issues.

  6. I had no idea you could get shoes fitted! I should check it out- My right foot is a little bigger then my left. makes shoe shopping a little complicated :)

  7. Let me know how these work out for you - I'm an overpronator too and I hate it!

  8. Running shoes is nice and helpful all of them we can use it for maintain good health and get fresh of mind. Running is important for lose weight , health and all activities.




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