Wednesday, October 17, 2012

“I DESERVE this.”

Today, while eating a cake pop from my favorite cupcakery, I thought, “I shouldn’t be eating this, but I DESERVE it today.”

That stopped me in my tracks.

It’s not like I deserved the sweet treat because I had been doing so well on my diet…that’s CERTAINLY not the case. I haven’t been denying myself sugar or any other sweet treat. I’ve pretty much been eating something sweet when I want it. A very bad habit to get back in to.

So why, in that moment, did I think I deserved it?

There are a lot of reasons that we think we deserve a splurge. We had a hard day at work, we’re celebrating something, we worked out really hard that day, or maybe we’re sad and need some cheering up.

The fact that I thought I DESERVED the sweet concoction was because I viewed it as a reward. I hadn’t done anything worthy of reward, but in my mind, I felt I deserved it.

You know what I really DESERVE?

I deserve to treat my body with respect and feed it with healthy and nutritious foods. I deserve the best, and that means that I deserve a good workout, to stick to my calorie/points goal, and to feel good about myself. I deserve to develop healthy habits.

I don’t deserve to mindlessly eat junk food or to let my fitness ability decline because I just want to sit on the couch. I don’t deserve poor self esteem and self hatred.

I will be rewarded with good health stats, a positive outlook, high self esteem, and a toned body if I keep giving myself what I  truly deserve.

As you know, I believe in moderation, but when I start to lose footing on that slippery slope, I do have to practice more self control.

Part of enjoying life is being able to eat delicious foods, so I would never completely eliminate them from my diet. What I’m getting at here is that food should not be a reward. Not for anything.

And when I feel like I DESERVE a certain food, it probably means I should step back and take a close look at why I think I deserve it and why I think it’s a reward. There are many other activities out there that can be more rewarding than a certain food.

I DESERVE more than what I’m allowing myself to be right now.


  1. Amazing how our brains work sometimes. I seriously almost emailed you today out of the blue to complain about how out of control I feel, etc, etc, just because I know you've been there/are there/trying to get out of there yourself and I just wanted to talk to someone who would "get it." Good job thinking over the situation. Such a battle! You do deserve more than a cake pop! :)

  2. I love this post. I have done that SO many times. I had a bad day, I worked SO hard, I lost so much last week, etc etc. You're so right, you deserve so much more than that!

  3. LOVE this post! It is so true and I so believe that we DO deserve better than an unhealthy lifestyle! I was just at a WW meeting and a lady was upset with herself and said that she cant control her eating and that she eats over 40PP (that she doesnt have)just snacking before bed. She said that she eats at night because she deseerves it. I thought "But you are so upset and it makes you so don't deserve this, you deserve SO much more" We all need to look at "treating ourselves" in a different light!

  4. You are so right girl. Its ok to indulge if you have the cals or points but outside of that we have to be strict and not use food as a reward! Very good reminder, thanks!!!

  5. Yep, one of those lies we love to tell ourselves. You do deserve more. :)



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