Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Monday

I had a busy weekend. It felt like we were on the go the whole time. But it was a good weekend anyways!

For breakfast this morning, I ate an egg, a mini whole wheat bagel topped with pumpkin spice cream cheese, 1/2 a banana and skim milk.

10112 008

That’s a good breakfast to start out a Monday. I’m not sure why the egg turned out looking like a slice of pizza, all triangular and shape. lol

While working, I sipped on Starbucks coffee with white chocolate caramel creamer.

10112 009

I really want a Keurig, but just can’t justify spending the money on one. So I’m entering every giveaway I can find for one. Wish me luck! Winking smile

On my break, I ate a light cheese stick.

10112 015

My niece and nephew are in kindergarten now, so they’re at that age where they can write their own thank you notes. SO cute. I got this one from my niece today:

10112 013

10112 014

And this one from my nephew a little while back:

10112 010

10112 012

They both grace our refrigerator door. Smile

Awwwww! Smile

For lunch, I ate a BBQ pork salad with lettuce, tomato, and avocado.

10112 016

Yum, so good!

I found these at Aldi this weekend for 39 cents. I thought I’d given them a try.

10112 017

Bleck! It was nasty. Too much nutmeg for me. The yogurt taste just doesn’t go well with the pumpkin spices. It needs to have more of a creamy vanilla taste, like pudding.

After lunch, I got to work for job #2. I finished up last week’s stories for today’s deadline and started planning for this week’s work. I feel like I got a lot done!

Mid-afternoon, I was feeling hungry, so I ate an apple with peanut butter.

10112 018

A couple hours later I was so hungry again. I don’t know what was with me today. I ate Triscuits.

10112 019

For supper, I made a marinara/alfredo pasta with shredded chicken. I served that over whole wheat pasta with a side of green beans.

10112 021

Pasta always makes me retain water, so I will have a gain tomorrow for sure. That, added to the fact that I have TOM again for the 2nd time this month. Might as well call it a : because it’s certainly not a . , if you know what I mean…haha. I have 2 a month, not just one… anyways…TMI. lol

I ate a brownie (made with no sugar added applesauce) topped with Cool Whip free.

10112 022

Those really are delicious. I will be experimenting more with the no sugar added applesauce.

I was listening to 90s radio the other day on satellite radio and I heard this song:

Weezer- Buddy Holly

It brought back so many memories!!! My little brother and I used to watch this video ALL.THE.TIME because it came on our old school pc. Any one else remember this?! lol.

Despite the fact that I have a :, my asthma/allergies/cold issues felt better today. Yippee!!! But I have to say, why can’t I just feel NORMAL. No : and no allergy issues. That would be great, mmmkay? Thanks.

So, since I am finally feeling better (let’s hope it lasts) Hubby and I are going to head outside for a walk! I’m super excited! For once, I am looking forward to it and not thinking about how I won’t be able to breathe and will have so much pressure in my head when I get back…fingers crossed that I don’t!!


  1. great pics made me hungry 4 string cheese lol

  2. Aww I am disapointed for you that the pumpkin pie yogurt didnt taste good! lol. But the pasta sure looked good!! I was hungry all day too...TOM is this weekend. Im breaking out on my face too, oh the joys of womanhood. LOL

  3. Here is a cheap keurig deal from kohls, it is the mini but great reviews! you get a $20 rebate + $10 in kohls cash AND 15% off right now for everyone. Ends up being around $55 before tax. Sweet deal IMO.

    And your salad looks DELISH!

  4. I loooooove my Keurig! Use it every day. I also bought one of those fill-it-with-your-own-grounds cups because I couldn't justify spending 10+ dollars on a box of 12 k-cups (you know, 12 cups of coffee). Sure, it's cheaper than Starbucks, but not cheaper than a bag of Community grounds. That's just me though.

  5. Well, just be glad it's just your uterus and not really your colon. Haha. Sorry, couldn't resist. I totally get the joke, tho. Mine is dorky, I know, I know. I also want a Keurig but can't spend all that moolah for one. You have no kids yet - splurge while you can! :)

  6. OMGOSH how sweet is your niece's note!?


  7. I remember my teenage daughter wearing a Weezer shirt back in the day. She loved that group.



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