Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Color Run: The Happiest 5K on the Planet!

I finally got to participate in The Color Run when they made a stop at Des Moines, only a couple of hours from where I live. There were about 27,000 participants, which is the biggest race I’ve ever participated in!

If you haven’t heard of it before, here’s a video to give you an idea of how it all goes down.

The Color Run

Basically, you start off in your whites, and at every 1k, there are “color experts” who throw a different colored powdered paint at you at every stop. Fun!

Hubby and I formed a team with my cousin, his wife and their son. Here is our team name:

TheColorRun 011

Love it! My cousin’s wife had these cute t-shirts made for all of us and also picked up our matching sunglasses.


Here are hubby and I before the race:

TheColorRun 014

There were so many people signed up that they had two waves. One 1:00 wave and one 4:00 wave. We were signed up for the 1:00 wave.

TheColorRun 018

It was fun looking around at all of the people dressed up in wedding dresses, astronaut outfits, and other weird things…

Here’s our whole team before the race:

TheColorRun 020

We didn’t cross the starting line until about 1:45. I think we were in the 15th wave of people to start. It was a really chilly day!

TheColorRun 023

And then we were off! The race is meant to be fun and isn’t even timed. It’s such a great way to get so many people active. I saw all different shapes and sizes. Hubby and my cousin ran ahead together and the other three of us ran some but walked most of it. It was fun!

Now for the fun photos!

TheColorRun 028

TheColorRun 026

TheColorRun 038

TheColorRun 043

TheColorRun 044

We paid the $5 to get unlimited professional photo downloads. They’re kind of fun. My cousin, third from the right, is the one who lost 125 lbs. Simply amazing, huh? I’m very proud of him! What an inspiration!





Even my socks were covered when I took my shoes off!

TheColorRun 047

Overall, I had a lot of fun. It was a race experience like no other. I highly recommend giving it a try if they come to your area!


  1. Looks like so much fun! My sister has been trying to talk me into going to the one in Portland. Have a great day. xx Shauna

  2. The Color Run looks like fun! I missed the one in my town, but I heard it's a great race :)

  3. I am doing this a week from Sunday :) Can't wait :)

  4. That is SO cool I will definetly look out for that race!!

  5. So fun! I really wanted to do it but had no one that was willing to do it with me. Such a bummer :( Hoping they come back to DSM and maybe I will "just do it" on my own.

  6. So fun! Love your shirts. Great job. =)

  7. Hi Alissa, wow, that looks SOOOOO fun!!! I don't think there will be color runs in these parts until next summer, and when it comes by, I'm so hoping to participate. Have a GREAT week my blog friend!!! :)

  8. The color run looks like so much fun! I wish it would have been in a town close to me! xo

  9. I want to join in the fun...i wonder if they evercome to wisconsin

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