Thursday, October 25, 2012

Weigh in Day

You ALWAYS have a big loss after the first week on plan, right?


After a week on plan with significant exercise, I actually gained .1 lb. I know, I know, it’s basically staying the same…But C’MON!!! Give me something for my effort here.

So let’s take a step back. There are a couple of reasons my weight may have basically stayed the same.

  1. Our anniversary trip included rich foods. I counted every point, but I wouldn’t normally eat like that.
  2. My exercise increased drastically. My muscles are incredibly sore, so I could be retaining water.
  3. My body likes being fat. (ok, only kidding on that one but I’m starting to wonder!!)

So let’s take a look at NSV’s since the scale isn’t showing me any love.

  1. My body feels smaller. I feel less bloated. Despite the hobbling from sore muscles, I feel better.
  2. My clothes are fitting a little looser again.
  3. I’m being more active, which is good for my health. I earned 44 activity points!
  4. I’m eating more fruits and veggies again.
  5. I’m being more consistent in drinking water again.
  6. I ran 1 mile in 11:40, which for me is speedy!

All I can do is keep giving it my all and the results will come. Right?

I actually had 8 weekly points left and didn’t touch the activity points. Moving on.

For breakfast this morning, I ate light toast with peanut butter and sliced banana (x2) along with skim milk.


There was coffee as usual.


On my break, I ate an apple. Nature’s toothbrush. (in case you were wondering… I DID brush my teeth this morning also lol)


I got to spend more time writing at work today, which I love to do. So it wasn’t a bad day!

For lunch, I made egg salad (1 egg, 1 white, and light Miracle Whip) and put it in a whole wheat Salad Pocket.


I also had a serving of Trader Joe’s baked BBQ pop chips.


I love those things. I always pick up a bag when we get to go to Trader Joe’s…which isn’t very often!

I also ate spinach topped with pomegranate and slices almonds. I topped it with light Asian dressing.


After that, I got started on job #2 right away.

I covered a football game last night and had some photo editing to do today. I tell ya what, it’s times like those--when I’m standing on the football field with the coaches and players, I can smell the grass and have to back up out of the way so I don’t get hit by players getting tackled, that I really love my second job.

That is the best way to watch football! I’m not all that into football, but when I’m watching it on the sidelines it’s so awesome. It also helps that our local team is amazing. I swear they could almost make a movie about these guys.

After I got my work done, I headed out to run a few errands. It was cooooolldddd and rainy!

1025 007

Thankfully, I wore my new favorite fleece. I got this at Old Navy with a gift card from my sister in law, and have since bought another in a different color! Another fleece that is, not a sister in law. I don’t think she comes in another color.Winking smile

1025 004

I love me some fleece! So soft and warm. Sweaters make my skin itch, so I really love fleece!

I stopped in the bathroom at Target, hung my purse up on the hook only to see this:


OMW. That back thing hanging off of it is not supposed to be there! That’s something hubby had in the car to mount some gadget! It was a heavy metal material and was stuck to the magnet on my purse closure! I had been walking around with that on my purse. lol

I’m sure I looked like a hot mess, hobbling along because of my sore muscles with a black plastic thing hanging from my purse. Not to mention my knees are so sore that one of them gave out while I was walking and I did a quick one of those, you know, almost falling down moves. Oh dear.

But, I made it through the errands and drove through the drive through at Starbucks because I had one of these.

1025 005

I had never noticed that before! It was on the back of a bag of Starbucks coffee. And wouldn’t ya know, I got myself a free coffee in exchange for an empty bag. Don’t you wish more things worked like that?

1025 006

I did pick up a few fun finds while running errands. I’ve never had this stuff, so decided for $1 something I could afford it!

1025 009

I also picked up another bag of coffee because not only was it on sale, but it also had the little coupon on it for another free cup of coffee!

1025 008

I was soooo hungry when I got home. I am proud to say that I avoided the cupcakery and also did not buy Halloween candy in advance. Winking smile

Instead, I ate baby carrots.

1025 010

I didn’t want to take ANOTHER rest day, but I was feeling slightly better today. My knees hurt the worst, so I decided doing my cardio of choice day was in order. I biked 7 miles in 30 minutes! I’m proud to say that I am still on track with the Best Body Bootcamp.

I’m thinking that by tomorrow my soreness should be about done and I’ll be able to finish out the last three workouts Friday through Sunday.

For supper, I made BBQ pork ribs, butternut squash and kale chips.

1025 011

I was amazed at how many points the pork ribs were! Woah. Good thing I had plenty of points for it. It was absolutely fabulous.

I also had two pumpkin spice cookies, which I used applesauce in place of the butter in. They were good and very low in points!

1025 012

I actually still have points left for the day. Amazing.

I met all of my goals today and I’m very happy about that! It feels really good to be back on track. I’ll keep going as is for another week and if I still don’t have a loss like I’m hoping for, I will modify the amount of points I get to eat.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!


  1. Here's something to consider. Right before I had surgery, I had the ALCAT test done. It's a test to see what food intolerances you have (and we all have them). My ALCAT revealed I can't do dairy, asparagus (random!), squash and quite a few other things, including certain fruits and I learned I don't process sugar well, at all. It's basically foods that keep our bodies inflamed or in a heightened state of response causing everything from aches to water retention to swelling. I've had surgery so it's hard to know what's what but I've not had one migraine, since I omitted the foods causing high to moderate responses. My co-worker did it ,and she found out she couldn't do beef and Red 40 food coloring. She's lost 12 lbs in the first 2.5 weeks. The more I read your post, the more I wonder if it's not something you're eating that your body has an intolerance to. Might be worth checking out!

  2. Dont worry about that girl, it can only get better as you stay on plan. You are doing GREAT!!! Your eats looked yummy too!!! Now I want starbucks coffee...but its 11pm almost o well. LOL

  3. I am super sorry about the scale, but if you are still that sore I would really think it's the exercise. I think 1) exercise, swollen muscles/water retention; 2) maybe eat more instead of less since you are earning so many APs, weird I know, lol; 3) Up your water. Those are all just initial thoughts I had. None may work. LOL You probably already drink lots of water. I've read that you are supposed to drink half your body weight. This week I've managed to get in 100 oz a day but sometimes it's only 80. Regardless, you are FEELING SO MUCH BETTER RIGHT NOW! I agree that you should keep it as is one more week and then definitely tweak something if there's still no loss. What Crys said is interesting, too! You had me laughing big time about your hot mess paragraph. Haha

  4. Yeah - the scale doesn't cooperate when you want it to. Just keep living the lifestyle and it will follow at some point. You already know that :D

  5. Totally agree with Lauryn and Lori. Just keep doing what you are doing and the scale WILL cooperate although it may be slow. Consistency is key. I know I keep saying that. :)

    I need more exercise in my life. I'm searching for different fun things to try. You're doing great.

  6. I was thinking about you and one more thought when I woke up this morning. LOL Are you 100% positive your scale is working right? I know mine was haywire and I had NO CLUE because the weights were always so close to the same. Then I stepped on my reliable scale and I weighed wayyyy different. Maybe if someone around you has a scale, too, you could compare just to be sure. Anyway, keep on. Regardless of the number, you're doing great with your lifestyle!

  7. Every time I go to the grocery I always contemplate picking up some of that agave syrup, but I never do for whatever reason. You'll have to let us know what you think-- I'd be interested to know if it's worth a buy.

    Also, I am sure you will have a megaloss soon to make up for the .1 gain, and then it will feel awesome and you will be vindicated.

  8. I'd say the NSV trump the number on the scale any day. You're doing well Alissa. I LOL at the thing on your purse. Hope you and your hubby have a GREAT weekend!!!!

  9. You aren't alone. My pattern is to lose nothing for the first two weeks of a new program. I always thought that was weird, but as long as I stick with it, the numbers go down after 10-14 days. In your specific case? I suspect you were getting plenty of water and fluids before your "restart" so the typical water weight loss that pumps up most Week 1 results didn't apply this time.

  10. Don't feel bad I've heard lots of people with similar experiences on the newer WW plan. I had the same experience and after 3 months decided it was much easier just to count calories. It was quite frustrating b/c I had so much success with WW several years ago. Anyway, just live a healthy lifestyle - that's the bottom line.



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