Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Day I Feel Good About

First of all, I want to say thank you to you sweethearts who stood up for me after the ignorant anonymous comment. That means a lot to me and I appreciate your support. Hello, dummy, I HAVE been upping my exercise and I AM eating the minimum that WW recommends right now. So shove it. MmmmmHmmm…

Anyways, I’ll probably be in for it after even acknowledging the comment, but I at least wanted to say thank you. Smile

For breakfast this morning, I ate TJ’s whole wheat toast with PB and a sliced banana along with a glass of skim.

111412 001

I had to go into the office today for a meeting, so I grabbed my coffee with creamer to go today. Peppermint mocha creamer today.

111412 003

On my break, I ate light vanilla yogurt with blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and chia seeds.


Eating chia seeds in public may not be the smartest decision. Sometimes I feel them on my teeth after eating them…lol.

They announced my transition into a new position at work today. It’s not really deemed a “promotion” but it is to me! I will be writing full time now. Yippee!!!! This doesn’t formally start for a few weeks yet. I feel like I will be utilizing my degree. It will be great experience.

I also got a very nice plaque for my service today! What a nice recognition. I will hang it proudly in my office.

After work, I headed over to Pita Pit to pick up some lunch. I got the chicken breast on wheat. I chose to forego the chips today. Go me! Winking smile

111412 004

Nom Nom!

AND, since I am a good 20 lbs. heavier than last winter, my winter coat (that was slightly snug last year in anticipation of being smaller this year) is just too tight this year. It looks dumb. BUT my winter coat from TWO years ago is ridiculously HUGE on me. What a conundrum. Sad smile

It is what it is. So I went to Old Navy and picked up a $30 jacket. It’s cute and black. I needed a black coat that wouldn’t attract cat hair, so it’s all good!

After that, I picked up some Starbucks. Just a regular coffee with skim and one pump of caramel.

111412 005

Good thing I stopped to take a photo before leaving because the employee started waving out the window because she forgot to give my debit card back!!! Whew!

And then I headed home. I had a few minutes of downtime before I had to head out again.

I got some fun things in the mail today! This was waiting for me when I got home. BOGO 50% off Gevalia! I decided to stock up…very literally.

111412 006

I love Gevalia coffee. So good. Won’t have to buy coffee for a while now!

It’s kind of funny how this happened… but you are going to spot my cats in quite a few pictures from here on out… do you see Dudley in the one above? haha. Part of him anyways!

And while I was taking it easy, the Fed Ex man arrived with this!!

111412 007

YAY!!!! FINALLY! I can’t wait to try it out!

The cats had fun with the shipping box…

111412 012

When one jumped out the other one immediately took the place.

111412 013

And then I headed out for job #2. I had an interview to do. It went smoothly and it was interesting because the person I was interviewing was an artist of sorts! I love me some art!

I made sure to come home and get right to working out. I hit the pavement for my Intervals B workout.

111412 020

Sorry for the poor quality. There’s something wrong with the mirror, that’s why it’s hazy. Do you spot Dudley? haha

It took me 39 minutes and I completed 2.75 miles. I walked the recoveries. I burned 417 calories! Nice!

I took a while to rest and then I tackled the core workout. My abs were feeling it today! Whew! And Dudley enjoyed getting in my face and biting my hair as I tried to do the moves…

For supper, I made Mexican egg rolls with Nasoya egg roll wrappers. OMW. I made this recipe up but they are AMAZING! I will have to share the recipe! I also made sure to get my veggies in with spinach and tomatoes topped with salsa and guacamole.

111412 026

I am proud of myself for today. I felt like I was going, going, going all day long, but I fit in all of my healthy habits and got my exercise in. I’m starting to think of exercise as a necessary part of my day versus a chore.

I still have a few points left for the day too! SUCCESS!


  1. Wow, I did not see that anonymous person's comment until now. Way to jump the gun and assume things.

    Great job with the workouts and staying accountable with your eating. We bloggers put a little of ourselves in cyberspace and people don't realize we don't blog about every darn thing in our lives. Our life is NOT an open book so no one should assume everything in the blog is the whole picture.


    Have a lovely day :)

  2. I missed that anonymous comment as well. Honestly don't spare a moment worrying about them.
    Today looked like a great day and I love the cute kitties :) Can't wait for the Mexican egg roll recipe!

  3. Okay, I missed the anon. Is it still there so I can go back and snoop? LOL I had ONE of those and then changed it no no anon's allowed! I guess I was too wimpy for that. I can't believe you just now are getting that Keurig! You probably really did think I had her send it to me. ROFL I would def be interested in the Mexican recipe things. Congrats on a great day!

  4. Hi! I am a new follower to your blog and I think what you are doing is great!! You have even inspired me for my own blog! Don't pay attention to any negative comments! Congrats on having a good day!

  5. Coffee!!! Coffee is the best (says the girl drinking white tea at the moment since coffee gets her slightly fatigued).
    Yesterday I read your post on how annoying it is to not lose anything despite eating within your points but I just didn't have time to comment on it. So I just wanted you to know sometimes it is hard. I have been eating a perfect no-snacking no-binging no desserts diet for a month and a half. Guess how much I've lost. Probably a pound (it fluctuates). It's awful, ain't it? But I believe I can do it. Maybe it's some kind of food intolerance that does not let me shed that weight, maybe it's the PCOS that I might or might not have. But either way losing weight is possible. No matter what.
    So yay for a good day! One good day is done, many more to come :)

  6. GURL!!! What a great day!!! And that keurig is so cute!!! Is it orange or red or what? Never seen one a diff color before!!! Totally cool!!! Yay for no chips with the pita too!!!

  7. Congrats on the new job at your existing job!!! Using your degree? Woo Hoo!!! Love the photos of your kitties in the boxes, and that Dudley photobombed the shot where you are looking great! Have a good Thursday Alissa.

  8. Congrats on the sorta promo!! :D Am I crazy, but after following you for 2 yrs you have done amazing and your food is mostly whole foods, healthy, fresh. Damn Anonymous, they're so quick to judge!!! lame.



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