Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Little Down and Out

Happy Tuesday!

For breakfast this morning, I ate a scrambled egg with turkey sausage crumbles, a slice of light wheat toast topped with pumpkin spice cream cheese, a banana and skim milk.

111312 084

While working, I sipped on coffee with pumpkin spice creamer.

111312 085

On my break, I ate light vanilla yogurt with raspberries, blueberries, and chia seeds.

111312 086

For lunch, I ate a salad topped with tomatoes, crumbled blue cheese, sliced almonds, 1 egg white, sliced avocado, and leftover turkey with BBQ sauce. This was especially delicious today!

111312 087

And finished it all up with an apple and peanut butter.

111312 088

And then I got started on work for job #2. I got quite a bit of work done and then had to leave for a doctor’s appointment.

The appointment was about my blood pressure, but I also mentioned my weight loss issues after being back on track for about a month and hardly any success…this after not having much success for over a year now, too. I did promise her not to cry this time and apologized for my episode last time. lol.

I asked for blood work and she ordered it. She may have been annoyed with me, but maybe I was imagining it. I am so sensitive that every little thing makes me feel terrible. I think I we should all take charge of our health and if we suspect something, we should voice our concerns, no? I’m becoming one of those patients that is very open about what’s going on…but you know what? That helped get my blood pressure under control too.

Oh well. I just need to know for sure. She’s going to be out of the office next week, so it’ll be a couple of weeks before I get the results.

I just feel like I need some answers. It doesn’t make sense that I cannot lose weight. It’s probably all fine, but I will have the peace of mind when I know for sure. And I want to make sure I’m at my healthiest. I was reading online that thyroid issues left untreated can cause birth defects. Well, if anything, at least I’ll prevent that if there’s some slim chance there’s actually a problem.

This was just kind of a spur of the moment request, but when I came home I did a little research on hypothyroidism and found that I had about 11 of the symptoms. I know how dangerous Dr. Google is, so I won’t get too concerned yet. Winking smile

After that little escapade, I got back to work for Job #2 to finish the piece I was working on.

For supper, I made sandwich thin pizzas that I topped with veggies. I also had steamed zucchini.

111312 089

I finished it up with a No Pudge! brownie that was so delicious that I forgot to take a picture of it.

Those always satisfy my sweets craving.

I didn’t think I was going to get in a workout today, but I forced myself to at least get on the bike and get a 30 minute cardio workout in, which will cover the optional cardio workout for the week. I biked 7.2 miles and burned 180 calories.

After my workout, I headed out to cover an event in town tonight. The place was packed so I stood on my tippy toes in the standing room only section and took my photos—good to go!

And now I’m happy that the day is finally over! I have a busy week this week with something going on every single night. But that’s ok…VACA NEXT WEEK!!

I’m just feeling a little down and out tonight. But then again, I got TOM right on target for my 15 day cycle today. I finally tracked it down. 30 day cycle followed by a 15 day, another 15 day, and then another 30 and so on… Crimeney!! I’ll just go find comfort in my hubby’s warm arms. I’m lucky to have him. Smile

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  1. Alissa, I hope you have an awesome day tomorrow. Being over busy can get me down. This is a crazy week for me as well. I'm looking forward to the exercise on Thanksgiving Day.

  2. Food looks so yummy and flavorful! I love the idea of pumpkin spice creamer!

  3. Hypothyroidism is more common than we hear about. Make sure you know the numbers of your tests and do your homework. Even though your numbers may not be that far out of the normal range it can still greatly affect a great many things. Many doctor are discussing changing the therapeutic levels to a smaller margin. If you do have hypothyroidism, this medication will absolutely change your life. And if you don't mind me adding a little more of my two cents, also research the kind of medicines. Some more homeopathic drugs are available that don't have the long term side effects that the most common prescriptions have. Hope you don't mind me stickin my nose in it but my whole life changed when I was able to get diagnosed.

  4. Gurl your little pizza things look sooo stinking good!! I sure hope you feel better. Sometimes we know our bodies better than those educated docs! lol. Hopefully they will figure out what is going on! Hugs!!

  5. Sometimes it seems like some doctors didn't pay attention during their bed side manner, if you will, class. I think it's great that you're taking initiative, and it is her job to help you with your concerns.

    Sidenote, I just bought some pumpkin spice cream cheese, and I am so stoked to try it on my english muffin tomorrow!

  6. The reason you cannot lose weight is because you eat too much. Your good days would classify as a thin person's binge days. Cut down on your calories and step up your exercise and you will drop the weight. Dont try to find excuses.

  7. Has your dr. looked into why you have a period so often?? Every 15 days? Sheesh!

  8. **punches anonymous** just kidding, sort of

  9. Good for you for getting the test. If it's on your mind, it's best to get it down. Take care Alissa! Keep us posted

  10. I agree with other annoymous I dont mean to be rude but I feel you always have "off" days which of course comes with the "journey" but it seems you eat a lot of sugar and should look into more veggies and lean meats or no meats at all ur exercise has gotten better I'll give you that but having zero loses all the time or little ones and always saying you have ur period seems like excuses... do you really want to lose weight? track calories, get a bodybugg, throw in some weight training get your head in the game and you will get results what happened to the person who lost 70lbs? She has to be in there somewhere you seem content with where you are like u want to lose weight but ur also ok with losing 70 which is awesome don't get me wrong but to get over that hump u have to refocus cut out the junk food up ur water intake and do a mix of cardio and strength training. You shouldn't have to force urself on a daily basis to do ur workout u know u feel better when you do it and u want the results how hard is it really to dedicate 1 measley hour of ur day to a workout. You know u have it in u why do you keep holding urself back!

  11. Anon- Everyone has their way of losing weight. This is *her* journey, not your journey. She will do it any way she pleases I'm sure :) Unfortunately you might have intended to give *constructive* criticism but you're just criticizing.

    Everyone's journey to a healthy life and weight loss is uniquely different. Don't sweat it!

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